LDD: Batman v Superman: Batwing Revamp MOC

This is my MOC of the Batwing from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Link to download:


“I only work in black… and sometimes, very, very, dark gray.” -Batman from The Lego Movie
What is that I see? BLUE PINS?!?:stuck_out_tongue:

In all seriousness, this looks really neat!
You’ve taken out the problem of Lego’s set: having too much dark gray on the bottom of the model, and, overall, did a very good job of replicating the vehicle!
I especially like the overall shape of the MOC and the gun thing on the front!

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I wanted to make sure it could be recreated from currently existing parts. That’s why I kept blue pins.

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He worked in light gray and blue that one time…

@Kidnapped_Sock his looks pretty nice, easy to identify as the Batwing.


Sadly, the wings cannot fold up and the engines can’t move. But I was going for visual accuracy, not functional accuracy. Thanks.

I applaud your efforts!

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Looks nice, pretty good build wise

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