LDD: Batplane, Batcycle, and Batdrone

This is my Batwing, Batcycle, and Batdrone.

The link to download is here:



That 'cylce and drone are sweet!

The jet looks like a really nice and well-shaped modern fighter jet. I don’t really see anything “Batman” about it though.

BTW, I recommend trying to find an alternate rendering program to render your LDD files in. It should make them look ten times better.



Look at the wing tips in the bird’s eye view pic. The jet is actually a modified and recolored version of this set:

Too lazy for that tonight so I just took screenshots.

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Na na na na na na na na na. Na na na na na na na na na. LDD!!!
Any way, great work dude. 10/10

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When I am finished modifying the Batwing.

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(@legomaster1378 Does this look more bat-esque?)

@MaximusPrime Here’s those drone pics with a layout of its parts.

This weekend, I’ll post it to LDD and link it here so you guys can download it. : D


I’m not sure. What did you change?

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I also redid the interior and made the roof easily removable.


Okay, now I see the bat textures a bit more. Love what you did with the guns at the front. It’s certainly a good MOC, though I can’t help but think that it would require a more extensive overhaul to truly resemble any of the canon Batplanes/Batwings.

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It’s kind of a mix of the Arkham Origins design and a smaller version of what I imagine the Flying Fox will look like.

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I know Batman only works in black (and very very dark grey), but this is a bit of overkill. They’re cool designs, and I like them. But being made up of almost only black parts doesn’t give them justice.

Part of this is definitely due to the way LDD renders (I’ve noticed it when working with the program myself), but the solid black design blends together. Adding in an accent color would help with the look. Yellow would really stand out and work with more of a classic aesthetic. Since this resembles more of the modern stuff grey would probably work better.

Anyways, the build of the models themselves looks great. The drone is cool looking and cleverly built. The cycle looks cool and carries the Batman aesthetic well. The plane doesn’t carry the aesthetic quite as well, but still looks great.

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Well, if more pieces existed in silver or gunmetal, than I would’ve used them.

I take it you aren’t using extended mode, then. For some reason I made the assumption you were. I guess there isn’t much you can do about that.


Basic LDD doesn’t even list all of the available colors for all the parts. In fact, Basic LDD doesn’t even get part updates. If you really want to use LDD parts that also exist IRL, I’d recommend using LDD Extended and then go to sites like Brickset or Bricklink to see all the available colors the parts come in.

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Yeah. I just wanted the printed parts to use for computers and such.

I’ve actually discovered that you can do that in LDDE. I can’t remember which option it is… it’s been a while. I know it’s possible, though.

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