LDD Bionicle Nuva Symbol Puzzle Cube

Greetings everyone, been busy with life, but wanted to take a moment to post this little LDD project I did. Now as the title says its a Nuva Symbol Puzzle Cube, and I have it mostly built just need a few color parts to complete. However, this build started off with me watching a youtube video years ago on a puzzle cube. Brick Flick TV has one recent, and it is the same design, but with out the cube core. Then last month I got the idea to turn the puzzle cube into a nuva cube. The design works out 8x8x8, and symbols line up best in a 8x8x8 format as show with any google image. So after my Brickfair NE trip, hit the local Lego Store for some pieces to complete the change. Well mostly, the color selection for the parts weren’t all there. So I made this LDD file to complete what I had made so far. I still editing up recordings for the how to build, but I think this is easy to repeat. Well, it is fun as a puzzle, and makes a nice desk / shelf piece. Thanks for checking it out, till next break on life, keep building.

six cubes to show all sides

Front side of pieces

Back side of the pieces, I did use 8ea (1x1 with 4 knobs) to keep the parts together.