LDD Dragon MOC #12 - Värk

Have you met Värk?

He is usually a gentle creature, but if his human counterpart, Edward, makes a fool of himself, Värk is quick to whack him on the head with his lucky stick (sounds like a certain baboon). Oh, by the way, Värk is a Nature dragon, that likes to sit back and relax on sunny days. (He’s also the size of a Grizzly Bear.)

Design wise, I got inspiration from swamp plants and moss. And since the disk pieces could use the prints, I added Mushrooms to his feet.


Looks pretty Shweet! sunglasses

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Tree, he is no tree, he is an ent.

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Not sure if you know this but the word värk means to ache in Swedish. Nice moc anyways. Though the legs are a bit too simple for my tastes.

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Surprisingly, it fits.

Nice man! I'm crap with Lego bricks, and even worse when it comes to doing it them digitally, but you pulled it of fam.

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