LDD Dragon MOC #15 - The Sea King/Lugia MOC

Yeah… Um… Dragon Tamer wise, this is the dragon known in legends as “The Sea King”.

But yes, he is a Lugia from Pokemon. Don’t question it, just look at the pictures:

Oh! How about an ocean shot!

The Sea King’s species were hunted down to extinction, save for himself and his brother. Although, there were tales of a gateway to another world associated with this species. :wink:

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well, that’s nostalgic and has a nice shape. In terms of Pokemon, the legs are a bit too small, and need a big thigh inbetween the leg and the torso/pelvis. Otherwise, nice job!

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Well, it is over 4 years old at this point.

writes a note

“Be right back gettin mah master ball”



This is amazing. Nice job, man. :smile:


Well, it certainly looks like Lugia!

Good work!

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Master Ball? On a Lugia?


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This is very cool!

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Ooooooooooooh omg…I mean, it beats the heck out of whatever Ionix did with the Pokemon brand lol

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I’m not a big pokemon fan but this moc looks really cool!

May you rest in piece