LDD Dragon MOC #4 - Sidéré

Meet Sid(that's his nickname). He's a Shadow Dragon.

Unfortunately, he is also a more advanced build than my previously posted Dragons, so I'm going to have to post building images as time goes by.

Update #1-
Okay! Starting from this point onward, I will edit my original post whenever I have more images to post.
To start off, this is a better view of the model.

If you haven't been able to tell, he has four tails made of CHAINS! Also, if you are confused about the waist, it's supposed to look like ribs.
Colors used: Black, Trans Purple, Trans Brown(It is literally called that despite looking like Trans BLACK), M Stone Grey, Grey, Dark Grey, Green and Gunmetal.

Update #2 -
Alright, the arms are made of just constraction parts but the uppermost portion is a mixture...

As you can see, this is how the wings and neck are attached.
And this is the rest of the upper body...
The head is made up of four panels connected to one piece that the neck attaches to.


Nice and evil looking dragon. IDK about the waist though. Also could you post in ONE reply instead of multiple? Sorta gets annoying and I think you can only have one post until someone else replies...

Would you prefer that I edit the original post whenever I have new images?

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Ofcourse, that's the perfect solution!

Wow. Spectacular, just like the last ones.

Very cool. : )
I like the head-design
I know the waist is supposed to look like that but it does just not look good to me personly.