LDD Dragon MOC #8 - The Mask of Tears

Feast your eyes upon: The Mask of Tears!

Oh, you wanted a more formal introduction? Well then... So much for a dramatic entrance.

[Clears Throat]

The Mask of Tears is the Title of an ancient Dragon thought to be a myth by the people of today. Legend says, that the creature faced an event that left him in tears. Eventually the salt within said tears settled on his face and hardened into a "mask". Eventually, the beast's sadness slowly evolved into rage then into a deep hatred towards humanity. Over the ages, he came to individuals (Both Dragons and Humans alike) who felt cheated by someone close to them. He would attempt to trick these individuals into murdering the one who has "cheated" them. Should the individual refuse, the entire family of the would-be victim (excluding said victim) would be wiped out. (Note: Usually the tricked person was a sibling to the victim.) Unfortunately, nobody would ever know that this creature was responsible, so the tricked individual would be blamed for the murders.

Legends also foretell of an individual, "The Platinum Tear" finding this dragon and assisting him in possibly destroying the globe.

[Gasp for Air]

So this MOC was much more simple than my other dragons. And admittedly, I did duplicate the head off of a Ninjago set.


This is really cool

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looks like that guy from sanic boom but I like it

I actually created the concept 3 years ago.

The first pic reminded me of the pokemon Dratini for some reason. I'm seeing it as a relatively small creature, would you agree?

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More the size of Rayquaza actually.

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Well that's significantly different than what I thought.

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And I haven't even built his ultimate form yet!

Oh? I'd definately like to see that.

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I don't think that's physically possible stuck_out_tongue

Nice MOC tho, looks more like a serpent than a dragon. Would love to see this "final form".


Cool Moc! It looks amazing and it's backstory is unique

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some evil dragon. Cool design and all

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Here's a better view.

Awesome! but he still looks a little too much like the great devourer..

@NoCashValue @Rockho I've finished the ultimate form!

But should I post it in this topic?

i don't see why not


I have more description to say. Well, give me an hour...

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"I now have mastery over the very earth itself! And without the sea's contest, I shall bury this world in darkness!" -The Mask of Tears

Okay, where to begin? This form of The Mask of Tears has power over the elements of Sand and Earth, which, combined with his natural element of shadow can be amplified to a level of strength to, quite literally bury an entire planet underground. Of course, that's his plan anyway, because REASONS.


This is amazing!

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Tears contain salt wich after drying up could form an extremely fragile mask over the face, though you'd have to Cry a lot.

Anyways this is a really cool dragon. I especialy like the ultimate form