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This topic exists to allow people to view my Dragon MOCs (since older topics are not as likely to be noticed). I will also post some of the “plot” stuff in this topic too.

LDD Dragon MOC #1 - The Grand Leviathan

LDD Dragon MOC #2 - Agité

LDD Dragon MOC #3 - Terro

LDD Dragon MOC #4 - Sidéré

LDD Dragon MOC #5 - Voltaïr

LDD Dragon MOC #6 - Batillus

LDD Dragon MOC #7 - Gelua

LDD Dragon MOC #8 - The Mask of Tears

LDD Dragon MOC #9 - Allugigas

LDD Dragon MOC #10 - Tarkaidon

LDD Dragon MOC #11 - Feliz

LDD Dragon MOC #12 - Värk

LDD Dragon MOC #13 - Winda

LDD Dragon MOC #14 - Bolla

What is Dragon Tamer? -

According to legend; 500 years ago
At the dawn of this world, there were the Dragons, creatures that can use the many known elements. But, no Dragon was as elegant as the great Sea Dragons. And the most grand of all of them was the Sea King himself. But this made his brother jealous of him. Out of anger, he slayed all but a few of his kind. The force known as the Ancients rose to aid in his defense. The Dragon Masters went to the Sea King for help. The two brothers began to fight each other in a war. The Dragon Masters, seeing the dangers that may occur, decided to use the Elemental, a weapon that can increase the power of Dragon Elements. Using this, the Dragon Masters sealed away the Sea King’s brother in a sphere of earth and fire. He then fell into a deep slumber, as his new prison sank into the sea. Due to the intensity of the battle, the Sea King had to fall into a deep sleep, in order to regain his strength, saying that he was only to be awakened if his brother was ever unleashed from his isolation. He then dived into the sea, never to be seen again.
Afterwards, the Ancients went into hiding, while the Dragon Masters, seeing how dangerous the Elemental was, returned it to its rightful place.

According to History; 10 years ago
Over the years, tales of that legend, and of the Elemental, were told to the younger generations of the Dragon Master family. The family also taught them how to tame the many Dragons in the world, saying that the Dragon Masters were the world’s only defense against those who try to disturb the peace between humans and Dragons. They stayed in isolation, deep in a cold snowy land. This was done “to protect the family from the outside world”. They said to their children that they were safe. They were wrong. For 10 years ago, on one cold night, they were attacked by a band of Dragon Tamers who overwhelmed the Dragon Masters. The Masters fell, one by one, until only three remained, a father and his two daughters, who had found a place to hide. Before they were found, the two girls ran away, under their father’s orders. Only the youngest daughter survived that night. 
She was later found by a group of justice seekers, who taught her how to hide her emotions. She later tamed a Dragon that was of the element of Shadows, whom she named Sidéré. She later decided to return to her homeland, in search of the Elemental, so she could avenge her family. But, to do so, she would have to travel to Seavour, the only city that had a port.
This is only the beginning. For an old myth, forever lost to human history and memory, declared a prophecy;
“When Shadows of puppeteers is discovered though flames; the oldest false foe is breaking free of their chains. 
The Platinum child secretly carved from the tears of rage; to the city of water to ready a promising page. 
Claimed enemies’ souls and hearts become forevermore bound; but of this bond no word of mouth shall sound.
Two brother dragons, a declared king and an outcast; who awaken to battle where they are perfectly matched.
The weapon of legend to be broken apart; three tenths of its power and seven lives, to a parallel world depart.
	Upon the bonder’s return to a grand scale fight; his life to regain in exchange for ending the tragedy of rage’s might.
	And then to the great country to the northern city of legend; the bonded travel with their only intent is coin to spend.
	The king’s eldest son, whom is truly corrupt; he summons a grand leviathan, whose mountain’s to soon erupt.
	The true heir to the throne shall rise up a hero of the age; now only they may write the next story page.”
This is the tale, of the Dragon Tamer.

Throughout Dragon Tamer, There are various terms that are used :

o The Elemental- an ancient device made by dragons that increases the powers of the Dragon(s) that use(s) it at the price of its/their life-force(s)

o Stages - determining factor of a Dragon’s power-level that increases based on a Dragon’s bond with their Tamer, four total; 1- immature strength, 2- intermediate strength, 3- maximum strength, 4- only level that Dragon Tamers cannot achieve, Reserved for Un-Tamed Dragons (i.e. – The Grand Leviathan)

o Dragon Tamer - a human who tames then trains/raises Dragons, usually for Dragon Duels

o Dragon Duel - A battle between two Tamers using one Dragon each, battle lasts until one Dragon can no longer fight or after 20 minutes have passed, which at this point the referee calls out “Time”

o Aerial Duel - Version of a Dragon Duel where Tamers ride their Dragon Partners in an aerial battle, used for deciding who gets a particular item or items, Tamers must have at least two Flight-Capable Dragons to participate

o Tamer Staff - Used to contain dragons, can also be used to identify dragon species


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