LDD moc


I was bored today so I decided to go on LDD and I ended up building this:

I’m going to be honest I have no idea what it is suppose to be.

Feel free to give feedback.


The upper legs seem incredibly skinny, but otherwise good job! I might have to start doing some of these as I lack many many pieces for MOCing with CCBS

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His name is ___. He is a bat-creature from ___. He wields a ___, and has the power to ___. He can even breathe in space.

If you want, you could fill in the blanks there to give him a backstory.

Also, I like the combo of trans-blue and black, and I have to disagree with Bio; the legs look fine. I’d make the hands black or trans-blue, to fit with the rest.


Meh, I’m just saying that below the chest looks skinny for the rest of the build. I would try to keep the muscle/armor mass as constant as I could throughout the MOC. To me it just looks like he’s not stable. I know he’s not, but my general perception would be “He missed quadriceps day.”

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Neato. I wish the BA masks were used more though. They actually looked really good.

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Bob? Is he a Bob?

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I agree on the legs, they do seem unstable.

Also I too lack pieces for CCBS mocs as well so I would recomend using LDD to try out some stuff like I did.