LDD Rendering Programs

Can anyone recommend any LDD rendering programs?
Preferably one that isn’t a hassle to use.


This is also something I’ve been wondering about.

I don’t use it often but I use it enough that renders would be nice.

POV-RAY is the only one that I’ve heard of. I assume it’s good.


I know of one called BlueRender. I think it’s pretty good.

POV-Ray. It’s good but takes all day

Run this first

Then this:

You have to keep the converter running while rendering, so POV-Ray can access some files it otherwise couldn’t. I’d advise reading the instructions for both :wink:

I’ve heard that some people use blender.

BlueRender or Blender. I know Blender is free.

SimlabComposer, it is a professional rendering program that cost a few hundred dollars but can be used in its demo mode for free.
It’s quick and IMO looks the best, the only down side is the limitation of export picture size to 1920 x 1080.

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