LDD: Toa Tahu Mata Revamp

This is the Toa Mata Revamp by Lalam24 translated to LDD. The mask wouldn’t go on because LDD doesn’t have the original 2001 masks, so all the have is the stars mask, which won’t connect to this head. There were various other modifications made, because Lalam24 uses lots of modded parts and minifigure arms, both of which you can’t get in LDD.


The first image isn’t showing correctly, you also seem to be addicted to Lalam24 design.


I know about the problem, I just fixed it, and yes, you could say that lol. I want to replicate the Toa mata because, to his credit, the design is amazing.

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Sees blue pins on an LLD moc
Dude. Please. Your killing me.

On a serious note recolor the red and black on the arms to orange.
And same on the legs


I want to, but i can’t. the pieces don’t come in orange, and the black ones don’t even come in red.

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It’s LDD. It can be any color you want.

how do you change the color like that then?

Pretty sure there is a paint button somewhere.

yeah, but it can only change the color to shades that the piece comes in

There’s probably a setting that can turn that off.

There’s two modes in LDD, one that uses parts only in the colors lego makes them in, and one that just lets you color it whatever you want.
Also the frictionless pins might come in other colors.

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So I’m curious about something, was the LDD provided in the parts list not what you wanted or?

Good work either way, I always wanted to see what this Tahu looked like with the lowered shoulder design.

Also sorry for the bump, I also love the dark toa build!

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Update: I just revamped this in LDD, and I am sooo happy with it. I’ll upload pictures hopefully tomorrow.
(First I’ve gotta figure out how to install POV-ray on mac)