League of Hunters Art Contest - #1

Welcome to the 1st League of Hunters Art Contest Topic!
(Go to this Topic for more info on TLoH.)

About 5-6 years ago, I started working on a few stories that I wanted to turn into novels; and to help myself get a better Idea of what the various characters look like, I drew them. However, I never finished making pictures of all of them because; I either drew them too poorly or not at all. But, I am no longer physically capable of drawing anymore, thanks to a permanent disability. So in order to get pictures of these characters, I decided to hold contests for Board Members to draw them instead.

You could say that these contests are like one of those cooking shows where the participants have to integrate a bunch of ingredients into a dish. Whatever you draw for the contest MUST have the traits that I specifically tell you in the following description. The Required Traits will typically be in BOLD TEXT. And of course, Message Board rules also apply.

And without further delay, let’s meet the character who needs to be drawn: The Sword Master-

This is the original picture that I drew of this character:

This character is a master of EVERY SWORD (and knife) IN EXISTENCE (Including Lightsabers). He is a human (I think), he wears goggles of some sort and his usual outfit is similar to what I drew above (Hood, cape, boots, gloves and upper torso armor pad thingy are required, but you can modify them however much you want). By the way, he has the appearance of an old man in 3 of the stories but is seen at a younger age in the 4th story. Uses Purple Lightsaber Crystals (means blade is purple, not the handle, although you can do that if you want). And please, don’t give him any Heavy Armor.

For this particular character, the given name is more of a title. Got a possible name? Feel free to use it with your interpretation.

Remember, the required traits are the only rules. Feel free to interpret this character’s design however you want, because after all, I’m not the only one with an imagination here!

If you have any questions, don’t be scared to ask! Now, enough of my rambling! Surprise Me!

BTW: I will have this contest running for 10 days (7/22 /2015 - 8/1/2015). I have several more contests on the way, and I don’t want rush contestants or have the contests take too long. If there is a better amount of time that is suggested, I will apply it to later contests.


This looks really awesome. I'll get to work right away c:

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The contest is going to remain open INDEFINITELY, until I say otherwise.

Other than that, I might just post a second contest already. Since I have FOUR MORE CHARACTERS that I need drawn.

P.S. - When I say that I can't draw, I'M NOT JOKING. I was born with a disease that causes my muscles to lose strength over time. My muscles have lost strength to the point that;
1. I have to sit in a wheelchair because I can't walk.
2. I can't use my hands to write or draw.
These issues are PERMANENT.
So I can assure you, when I say that I can't draw, I MEAN IT.

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