League of Hunters Art Contest - #2

Welcome to the 2nd League of Hunters Art Contest Topic!

(Go to this Topic for more info on TLoH.)

About 5-6 years ago, I started working on a few stories that I wanted to turn into novels; and to help myself get a better Idea of what the various characters look like, I drew them. However, I never finished making pictures of all of them because; I either drew them too poorly or not at all. But, I am no longer physically capable of drawing anymore, thanks to a permanent disability. So in order to get pictures of these characters, I decided to hold contests for Board Members to draw them instead.

You could say that these contests are like one of those cooking shows where the participants have to integrate a bunch of ingredients into a dish. Whatever you draw for the contest MUST have the traits that I specifically tell you in the following description. The Required Traits will be in BOLD TEXT. And of course, Message Board rules also apply.

And without further delay, let’s meet the character who needs to be drawn: Sir Gregory-

Well this guy is a WarGreymon (from Digimon, just in case you didn’t know), however he is a WarGreymon who altered his own data. He uses a big sword, and wears a Red Scarf. And that’s it.

Remember, the required traits are the only rules. Feel free to interpret this character’s design however you want, because after all, I’m not the only one with an imagination here!

If you have any questions, don’t be scared to ask! Now, enough of my rambling! Surprise Me!

P.S. There is no time limit.

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Wow. A “contest” all about making incredibly specialized artwork for somebody. Nice…

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What can I say? I’m desperate.