Leah, the queen of ice mountains

Leah as a little girl grew up in a friendly neighbourhood, but as she was getting older and older, she unerstood that the world she lived in wasn’t perfect at all. When she reached 18 years, Leah and her friends all went down different paths. Leah chose to start a revolution and overthrow the government. When the revolution succeeded, she became the queen and lead the Kingdom to better economy and relationships with other countries. Leah is a very passionate person, she loves her people and she would do anything to provide the best for them. This makes her make agressive decissions sometimes and therefore she needs people to quide her through her life as a governer.


Not too sure about thr upper chest, but everything else looks great.

The moc use abit of reference to your previous moc Anastasii, but still diverse enough.

Not sure how I feel about the cut horns on Gelu helmet, the heels looks strange, and the torso is rather decent.

wait, i posted Anastasii here? xd


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Everything looks pretty good though her chest looks very “handy”


Ah, the ol’ hand-for-boobies technique, not too common nowadays. Pretty good proportions and stuff, but the feet look a little wonky. Also RIP Gelu mask

A very unique MOC with a unique backsory.

This is pretty good- proportions and body shape look great, but I think you can greatly improve its look by replacing the chest hand pieces with just about anything else. Maybe even try using tiles and curved bricks. As you have blue in the head and weapon, adding blue accents to the body can also help enhance the look.

the blue on weapon and helmet are meant to be blocked from the rest of the moc as being something special, not worn every day. Having no backstory with it, i totally understand your view on the color distribution. Your opinion on the chest is pretty much the same as the community opinion, im figuring out a way to replace them but havent come up with anything that would satisfy me tbh.