Leēkkahu empowered by Xoriezeghia

Well he’s completely different in design and he is now stronger,faster,wiser, more powerful and can levitate due to exposure to Xoriezegian Protodermis. He now keeps mostly to himself hunting medium-sized rahi and when disturbed he attacks with brute force unless it is a friend. He also has anew hammer.

Side A: back:
Side B:
That’s a wrap


Am so impressed, man! I really am! The only thing that I don’t like is that there are those weird armor attachments on the back of the upper arm, but other than that (which can be fixed in less than 10 seconds) this MOC is fantastic for your standards. Great job!

Why thank you as I said with my efreet I’ve gotten better

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You last mocs are much better than the others. Keep going like this!


Changed the title to fit the description and backstory of the MOC.
-Vladin, Toa of Fire

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That’s how I spelled it

Actually, @Toa_Vladin corrected the title, and you forgot the ‘h’ when you wrote it in the description.

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You’re right I forgot the “h” both times

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I don’t know what the heck is going on with that hammer but I’m loving it