Left 4 Dead 2 Bionicle mods

So there's been a surge of Bionicle mods in the L4D2 workshop lately, thought I'd share them with you guys.

Demonic Labrys and HeeHoJackfrost are pretty much the people responsible for the most of them, they've made the Common Infected into the Bohrok, and some of the Special infected and survivors into the Rahkshi.
I really recommend checking them out if you play L4D2, it's an interesting experience, to say the least.

Also, @Gyro, they have Dio, Josuke, and Jotaro as the L4D1 survivors. Now all they need is a dolphin for Zoey.


that's awesome

This is a thing? Awesome!

I really don't like the Rahkshi as Survivors, I mean if it was the Toa then that would make sense, but at least it would be funny of having the Rahkshi killing Rahkshi.
Oh and there is a Malum as Tank mod.

Also it would be awesome to see a bionicle or one of the LEGO theme as a map mod.

Playing as Turahk... That's freakin' great.

Aye, there's also a mod that turns the CI into Bohrok.

Why not matoran or toa? Although I know you didn't make them.

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