Legacy Overlord Dragon

It’s me Sokoda!

NinjaWhip on Twitter made a little contest-like thing, where he wanted people to tell him what they’d want from a Legacy Overlord Dragon set.

I was very happy to have an excuse to build a big, evil dragon, so I did!
This build was extremely fun and I pretty much built it 5 days, which I didn’t think I’d be able to do.

I wanted to build it quite big, because it is supposed to be a lot bigger then the golden dragon in universe. The model has 1528 pieces.

So here are the renders:

Aditionally I also made two custom minifigures for the “set”:

Legacy Dareth

Legacy Evil Nya

I tried to combine the Legacy/modern designs with their OG look in that season.

I hope you like my model!
Stud.io-file can be found here!

Stud.io-file only using pieces in existing colors

Greetings Sokoda


Looks like an ultimate Ender Dragon! Sick!

This is super awesome, man! Really well done!


Wow! It looks like it came straight out of the show. I’m particularly fond of the hook-shapes you put among the wing segments and the pieces you used to shape the head tendrils.
By the way, the Legacy-style Dareth and Evil Nya are stunning.


as always, great moc sokoda!
I love how accurate it is, and the minifigs are a nice touch!

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Thanks to all of you!
Good news! The MOC won the little contest!


Congrats (Glückwunsch!)
You deserved it.

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Thank you (Vielen Dank)

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wait, its not a dragon, its a wyvern.
I think its supposed to be a dragon in the show
(but I may be wrong)

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Yeah it’s a wyvern (in the show as well), but Ninjago pretty much calls them all dragons


good point
and thanks for correcting me, I havent watched season three in a while
(I count the 2011 pilot episodes)

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When I first watched Ninjago, I was disappointed there was no official Overlord Dragon set. This is utterly fantastic!

My only complaint, which is more of a nit-pick, is that an official set would probably have a few more play features. Seems like the only one is the tail. Other than that, it looks amazing!

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wyverns are a type of dragon


Yeah I thought about putting in a wing flapping function like the Firstbourne dragon, but I didn’t have to much time for the contest and the way I built it it allowed some more posability for the renders.

reminds me of predaking from transformers kind of, nice!

Overlord Wyvern* wyverns are tetrapods like this here, standard european dragons are hexapodal.

for a second there i thought the second minifigure was Pixal

The links you shared need a password to download. Are you not making this one available for the public? It’s so cool!!!

Hmm, it should work as always. I also tried it while being logged out of my google account and I can open it without any kind of password

I love how the tendrils are very simple and extremely effective
The patting on the wings is perfect
The head is perfect and inposeing
I can see this as a official expert set
10/Perfect :+1::ok_hand:

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Thanks so much! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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