Legacy Sets

With Ninjago remaking old, retired sets, it got me thinking: If this works out for Ninjago, would this happen for other themes as well? Would we get a revamped Black Seas Barracuda, or some other classic set? And would this possibly lead to a rerelease of G1 Bionicle sets?

Now what I don’t want this topic to become is a leaks or theories topic, as there’s no evidence for any of what I’ve just said and at the time of this post probably will not be for at least another year. This is just me with a hypothetical scenario.


I don’t think this will lead to legacy Bionicle sets; the amount of molds they would have to bring back would be quite extensive. Lego does seem to be doing something interesting by re-releasing some old sets, however, such as the Taj Mahal.


So I’m typically just a lurker on the MBs, but for some reason I really want to post something on this topic.

If it were to work out, I would think Lego would only do it with themes that have been running for a longer amount of time. I do agree it would be cool to have rereleases of old sets, but my question would be how well will they sell. Let’s say they rerelease some bionicle sets, they might not have as much appeal to kids nowadays as much as they would to original fans of the line. Now I can’t say what Legos opinion on this would be, but if it were me I wouldn’t want to risk trying to sell something to people out of my company’s target age group. I feel like a lot of people would also see the bionicle sets and just say, “Hey I remember these, I used to have them when I was a kid that’s cool”, and then move on. Now I know some people would buy them out of nostalgia, but how much people would actually care? Also, let’s say they were to rerelease some G1 bionicle sets, would stores actually want them with how bad they sold during G2? Let’s just say that all goes well and stores do sell the sets what about the children who see them. They are going to be really confused about what happened to the characters they remembered (from G2) and why are these new sets so much smaller and don’t have as much movement as the sets they have.

These are just some thoughts I have on the subject. I would love to see rereleases of old sets, especially if they are ones I don’t have yet. In the case of bionicle, I think the only reason they would ever bring any of the G1 sets back is for bionicles 20th anniversary. These are just my opinions so I would love to hear others opinions on the subject too. Sorry for the massive post.


Well Bionicle did run for nine years…[quote=“ReeseEH, post:2, topic:47575”]
the amount of molds they would have to bring back would be quite extensive.

The skeletons all have one head mold now with no exceptions, and it’s a new one which doesn’t really match the originals. If they did do this, they’d bring a couple back and redo as many as they could.

The best choice? definitely not. But highly likely.

Well… Bionicle Stars from 2010 was some sort of legacy, where popular sets were re-realised in a smaller form…

As much as I would like this, LEGO will never do it. They have done it with Ninjago since it’s currently one of their best selling themes, but they don’t care about what used to sell well anymore.

We did get this. It was called G2.

No, seriously. A remake of old sets using a new build. Granted, the constraction system went through far more drastic changes than the system… system, but otherwise it was pretty much the same thing.


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Haha, nice joke bud-[quote=“Willess12, post:6, topic:47575”]
No, seriously.

Oh.[quote=“Willess12, post:6, topic:47575”]
A remake of old sets using a new build. Granted, the constraction system went through far more drastic changes than the system… system, but otherwise it was pretty much the same thing.

Yeah I really love that 2001 set with three-inch-tall Mata Nui fighting a skeleton

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Yeah, I get what you’re saying. My point is, if we were to get “Legacy” sets for BIONICLE, they’d probably be a lot like the Masters. They weren’t marketed as “Legacy” sets, but they’re the same basic concept. And since BIONICLE isn’t a currently-running theme like Ninjago, it’s probably the closest we’ll see for awhile.


Well, aren’t you confusd about how will the Ninjago Legacy sets work in the story?

I agree with that. They could maybe make something like the Stars line (but better) with a couple of new molds and see how it would sell.


How did you read my mind?

Here’s your re-release set madam, that will be $20 each.

If anything, a Legacy CMF series would work out by re-creating iconic Minifigures. :gun:


Those are probably the most overpriced sets LEGO has ever released. Who the heck would pay 20$ for like… 64 pieces! what is wrong with you, LEGO? If they were like 10$, maybe it would be ok, but 20$? This is the biggest rip-off LEGO has ever done. And really they don’t have any exclusive parts or anything, so you could just get the instructions from Brick Instructions.com and build them yourself.

If Bionicle Legacy sets would be so terribly overpriced, I won’t buy them even if they were the last sets I would need to complete my collection. Good thing that the Ninjago Legacy sets are at least at a fair price, the spinners being at the same price as the original spinners.

Every time someone tries to tell me “LEGOs are for kids,” I instantly remind them of Simpsons and Ideas and UCS and Expert.

First off, I think it was a joke, second off, it was a completely different company back then.

I really hope we get more “Legacy” sets, buy I have little views on how likely that will happen.

It is no joke

I’m not saying Legos are only for kids, but that is their target age group for the most part.

I feel like that was done before. I know they re-released a small collection of classic sets in the late 90’s/early 2000s.

They re-released that set exactly as it was, yes. Something I’d highly doubt they’d do again, and now that the Legacy pictures have appeared I’m sure they wouldn’t.

I feel like if LEGO did any Legacy sets from Bionicle they would probably be some of the Vehicle sets as they’re made with mostly Technic parts which LEGO still use today.


I’d love to see some early castle sets be remade today. like the original yellow castle.