Legend of Chima strategy game

This topic is for an idea i had in regards to what type of gameplay Legend of Chima would have if it had another game.

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the Gameplay in question is a strategy game format similar to Battle of Middle-Earth, with structures to build to gatter resources and soldiers and heroes to call upon to fight your foes.

here are some of those ideas, so that you can get a better view on this consept.


CHI gattering structures






Saber-Tooth Tigers

How CHI works

Now how the Chi works in this game is that there are special parts of the maps with pools that are called "Chi Pools", in order to collect Chi from these locations one would need to create a CHI structure like the Lion Temple on the Chi Pool in order to harvest Chi. but the harvest is not a fast one and other players can steal your Chi from ither the temple or from the villagers that come to collect the gattered Chi, so its best to make sure that these structures are heavly protected.

i should note that the Ice Hunter tribes can't gatter Chi like the other tribes, instead they must steal it from them, but the Ice Hunters are some of the more powerful tribes one can play as, and thats because of their ice powers. Though that does not make them invinsible against the other tribes if they do not have fire Chi.

And the reason the Ice Hunters can't gatter Chi is because they need large amount of Chi in order to make more troops, just like in the tv series.

And to make a final statement on how Chi works in this game, Chi is used as the main resource in the crafting of: weapons, vehicles, upgrades for soldiers, and you can even give troops Chi orbs that they can use in battle to Chi up, boosting their stats for a limited time.

Info about the tribes

under construction.

List of heroes

-Lavertus (unlocked after completing the Outland story)








Scorpion (unlocked after completing the Outland Story)

Spiders (unlocked after completing the Outland Story)

Bats (unlocked after completing the Outland Story)

Sabretooth Tigers (unlocked after completing the Fire and Ice Story)
-Sir Fangar

Mammoths (unlocked after completing the Fire and Ice Story)

Vultures (unlocked after completing the Fire and Ice Story)
-Voom Voom

Phoenix/Cat Guides (unlocked in the Fire and Ice story)

Nomads (can only be hired from neutral buildings)
-Dom de la Woosh


The story of the game follows the tv series, however with some changes to the plot to allow for gameplay.

For example in the story mission based on "Fake Chi, Real Trouble", instead of the tribes that uses the "Chigull" to start acting like chickens, they would instead be under Reegull's control (though still give off the "chicken" sounds) and have a permament Chi up glow to them (though the color would be just like the "Chigull"). The only way to complete the mission would be to collect all of the "Chigulls" that are in the tribes possesion (aka: destroy the different tribe's Storehouses, where in the "Chigulls" are stored).

The story mode would be set up in three different stories with two sides to play as, and players can play as all of the different tribes in the two story modes, though for the villain tribes in the two later stores, you have to have completed the story in order to play their story mode.


So a retextured version of Lego Battles Ninjago?


Well its actually more like strategy games like Lord of the Rings: battle of middle-earth.


Sounds more like lego battles, not the ninjago version.


yeah, but im thinking more for the pc. LEGO Battles i found to not be so good on the DS because of the small number of troops and vehicles.

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I would totally play this. I might actually take a shot at a simpler versiin of the game!

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reminds me a bit of halo wars, try that as a base for recourse gathering and troop building, it think it could be fun to see a chima rts

And i forgot something, the different races gonna have some pros and cons i suppose ? To make them more varied.

I have some ideas for some:
Lions: The "basic" race, having no large pros nor cons, i can imagine a "group morale" boost, everytime when they fight in a large group, instead alone.
The vehicles could too benefit from this buff, but with a different name.

Crocos: More the hardy guys with slower movement, but stronger attack and defence ? I think too that common units doesnt need water boats or ships to travel trought water.
they vehicles could benefit from it, of some being amphibian, i mean like. Can move on water AND land.

Eagles: more frail but faster, too that they can easily over fly certain ledges or gaps, and too that they can basically "drop attack" on enemies. They vehicles gonna be mostly air based, with some extras for carpet bombing, or being able to change forms, from air to land, something like the vikings in Star craft 2.

Wolfs: Being the scrappier ones, i think they need less orbs for common soldiers, but are a bit flairer then other. But they could too have the lion "group booster" ability, but more based around speed and defence. I think too that they could work with a berserker like ability, i mean like. If they unit already lost enought hp or some already bit the grass, the rest goes wild and they attack increase with speed too. They vehicles could have some "hit and charge" features, plus being able to "overcharge" when damaged enought, and i think most of wolf vehicles should be more speedy, but still hit strong.

Gorillas ? I dont know, being the tanks in this game ? But needing a large amount of orbs to be even brought, and i think too that they get a berserker statu, but the more classic one. They vehicles might be the bulkiest, but really slow and too attacking, something like common tanks, artilery and such. I wouldnt be surprised if a goriila vehicle gonna need 5 minutes to just get to the other end of the map.

Crows ? Basically being more specialized in stealing stuff or even overtaking other races chi collectors, i think too that they units should cost more, but have shady passive abilities, think of: attack reflectors, smoke bombs, poison/rust enhacent weapons and even stealing stuff from bases or buildings. I think they units should have a "hit and run" ability, and doing fast but low damage. They vehicles should be more frail, but having some hidden abilities, like: abducting units, blasting buildings from a far, stealing research or tech and the most inportant, almost all units get a bonus in "building chi steal"

How do you think about my ideas ?


I like your ideas. However, what about the other tribes that aren’t mentioned in your post here (i.e. the Rhinoceroses and Bears)?

yeah, it’s been a long while since i last thought up ideas for this old concept. i would be happy if anyone still wanted to discuss about it and come up with ideas for it.

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This sounds interesting. I’m a really big fan of Chima’s core concepts. I’m curious - could this sort of game work as a table-top strategy game? It kinda reminds me of Jangbricks’ Battle for Kydaya project from way back in the day:

An interesting concept. I don’t know much about China, but I am a huge player of RTS’s. I would gladly play something like Lego Battles. As long as they up the unit cap.

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another idea i thought about when this concept was still fresh in my mind was a story level that was based on the events of “Reunion Gone Wrong”

Unlike the other levels, the “Fog of Destiny” level would have all of the characters in their “spirit forms” and it would start of with Laval having to find Eris, Gorzan, Rogon, Bladvic, Worriz and Razar before then having to face off against a power mad Cragger who has in the Fog of Destiny created a small army of spirit crocodiles, thus the players would then have to create their own spirit army that uses forces from the other seven tribes to oppose him.

and like i said, players would be able to play as the two sides in Chima’s main stories, and in this chase that would be Cragger’s part of the story, however his would take place after the Fog of Destiny events and instead be an alternate take on the events that happened later in “Reunion Gone Wrong”, with him having his sister Crooler imprisoned for her actions.

In the strategy game’s story, as Cragger is on his way home from the failed Peace talks, some of the Croc soldiers meets him and informs him that Crooler has taken control over the Crocodile Tribe while he was away. Thus the players would then have to fight against Crooler’s crocodile forces (who would have a purple coloration) with Cragger’s crocodile forces (who would have the normal red coloration).


Here is my idea of how this game could be:

A Clash of Clans style online game where you start from zero and slowly progress into developing your own base for your tribe. The main in-game currency is the Chi, but you also have the Golden Chi, which is rarer and more valuable. You can go and attack other tribes to steal their resources and Chi.
You develop your base by building new structures, including defences, barracks, and Chi producing stations.
To attack other tribes, you need to purchase troops, weapons and vehicles. You can also upgrade them in order to make them more powerful and give them new abilities.

@DarkHenrik what do you think? What else would you add/improve?

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Why not classic RTS style? Like Age of Empires, Command and Conquer, or Lego Battles?

I know it’s not my call, but I find those COC style games tiring. That and calling them “Strategy” games is a bit of stretch. If those kind of games count, so should Nancy Drew games.

But I’ll let DarkHenrik decide.

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Well CoC is the only “Strategy” game that I have played… And yes, it’s style is kinda tiring. But I still think we can take inspiration from it more or less.

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C&C is real time, we could try turn based, such as Fire Emblem or Advance Wars.

We say this like it’s our decision.

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yeah, when i came up with this idea, i had RTS gameplay in mind. Lord of the Ring: Battle for Middle Earth 2 is a good example:

thinking more on how resources would work, i started to imagine there being two types of resources: Normal resources (which you need in order to afford buildings and normal troops) and Chi (which you need to upgrade your weapons, build your vehicles and as a way to temporarly super charge your troops.) Chi, as i talked about when i first created this topic, would only be uptained when you build a Chi gattering structure on a “Chi pool” spot. It would be gradually generated from the structure so you will have to then have a unit (like for example either a normal soldier or a builder) pick it up and then transport it back to a nearby storehouse, So there would also be a hint of Rock Raiders in this game too with that in mind.

@Super_Chima_Fan @legomaster1378 @ProfSrlojohn @LegoDavid
I’m actaully interested in hearing you people’s ideas for special skills/abilities of the different tribes. we’ll use the main eight tribes from the moment to think of ideas.


Interesting I’ve never heard of the LOTR one. I was born and raised on C&C.

Hrm… I don’t know much about Chima, but I’ll give it a shot.

All I can think of right off the bat, is that the Rhino’s should have armor superiority. Their vehicles are stronger than all the other vehicles from the other tribes, but their infantry are slower. Leading to a slower trickle of resources.

I could probably come up with more, but I don’t have time.


Eagles and Ravens: Can fly and attack targets from the air.

Crocodiles: Can swim and cross rivers/ditches very easily.

Gorillas, Rhinos and Bears: Slow, but resistant and strong. They are good for tanking.

Wolfs: Very fast, good for a quick assault.

Lions: Can roar (like in the TV Show), temporarily slowing down the enemies.


If we’re going for an RTS, than the individual tribes would have something they would be good at, instead of just being 1 type of unit.

The Eagles for example could have superior air units, while the Ravens could heal their units from the wreckage of enemy troops, similar to the GLA from C&C Generals.

These are good ideas nonetheless.