Legend Of The Squeaver

Long ago, on a mysterious world known as Squor, the squeaver race has lived in harmony under the watchful eye of the first Squeaverking. This harmony wasn’t to last, as a new squeaver began to seek power. She was known as the Squeaver Queen. She killed the original Squeaverking, and forged two powerful crowns. Squeaverqueen’s crown, and the Squeaverking’s crown. It was so living happily ever after could become reality. This is what she sought after, but never got due to her subject’s poor treatment.

Squeaverqueen’s tyrannical reign was brought to an end after a couple years. The one to put her in jail for her crimes was the second Squeaverking. He led the squeavers into peace for a long time, with the new crowns of immortality. The second Squeaverking saw the colonization of Squor’s 18 moons. All was well for a long time.

The squeavers were working on a Faster Than Light engine when an unknown race appeared from the 18th and largest moon to be colonized, what is now known as Ottoria. Ottoria was known for it’s ability to sustain life, which was why it was colonized last. Easiest for last. About 13 hours after the first team arrived, they lost contact. Then, military vessel Acornius arrived, and lost contact immediately. From a closer moon colony, Beor, they saw the ship crash through telescopes.

Two more ships arrived. Nothing happened to them. When they arrived, the frigate Hairo set down on the moon. The second Squeaverking was aboard. He led the squeavers to the crash site. After finding a surviving squeaver, they found out what happened. Some sort of anti aircraft cannon, or spacecraft in this case, shot down the ship. Most of his crew was killed by some beings with spiky backs. These, were the Ottopines. The Ottopines were shortly found. After a small fight with heavy casualties, Squeavers left the world and began to plan. Two months after the event, the Ottopines began attacking Beor. They got there by studying the Acornius. Once again, there was heavy casualties from both sides. The squeavers however, lost Beor. Then, the second Squeaverking had made up a treaty, saying that the Ottopines could have full control of three of the moons. Beor, Ottoria, and a third colony. The Ottopines were satisfied with this and ceased their attacks. But, in recent years, the relations have been getting worse.

Before the Ottopine’s discovery, the second Squeaverqueen was found. Currently, the second Squeaverking and second Squeaverqueen live happily together.

On Squor, if one is to see it from orbit, will see the Five Walls. The Five Walls were to protect against the Bear threat(Second Squeaverking was leader here.). They attacked without warning, and brutally. Massive creatures had appeared deep in the massive near-half-the-planet(43%) jungle. With the invention of the Helicopter, the Squeavers easily defeated the Bears. This was at the cost of 15% of the squeaver population.

The Faster than Light engine was tested on the second Squeaverking with several others, including Squeaverqueen, who insisted on doing it. The experiment failed, taking the squeavers to an unfamiliar world with a single moon and one third Squor’s size. They crashed… On Earth. A third Squeaverking and Squeaverqueen were selected.

That, my friends, is the tale of the Squeaverking. Currently, my avatar represents the second Squeaverking.


will squaver king/queen 3 be evil?

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This is as far as the Squeaver timeline goes. This is something I wrote to combat boredom. It’s really up to the reader to decide the fate of the Squeavers. Do the squeavers on Earth make it home? Are the third evil? Do the Ottopines attack again? It’s all up to the individual reading to decide

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So I know the Ottopines are half porcupine, but what’s the other half?

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Otter. So Squeavers aren’t safe in their dams.