Legend of Zelda Discussion

I saw a topic like this for Kingdom Hearts, so I thought I'd ask: I'm not the only Zelda fan here, right?


Absolutely not! I've been a huge fan for a very, very long time. I believe I've at least played all of them except for Zelda II and A Link Between Worlds. Anyone have any favorites? Personally, my current one has to be Twilight Princess, although Wind Waker does come close.


personally I got into the series VERY late first one I played was windwaker at my friends house but yeah you arent alone!

One of my favorite series! I also started with windwaker (GameCube version). I'm currently playing link between worlds for first time and from what I've seen so far it's a great game.

As for favorites, I haven't played enough of the games to have one really, but windwaker I'll always have a soft spot for.

link between worlds is amazing (also not a spoiler but get ALL the chests no matter what) and by a played windwaker I only played like the first few mins of it when I was like 5

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Alrighty I will. Oh ok, well I highly suggest you play it if you ever get the chance, an amazing game as well smile

never played it
probably should
probably will



I like to play most of the titles for their story, but my favorite is the original because you just play it for what it is, a game

You'll like Link Between Worlds, Kahi. I've played half the Zelda games, and Link Between Worlds is by far my favorite.

I've never really had Nintendo consoles besides that brief time when I owned a Wii.

imo favorite zelda games should be sorted by 2D and 3D separtly and even though I played the first couple minutes of it windwaker is just so appealing..oh and link between worlds is my fav 2D zelda

I've only played the 3DS remake of Ocarina of Time, but I'd like to get into the series more. Any suggestions for what I should play next?

If you have a 3DS, you can get Link Between Worlds, Phantom Hourglass, and Spirit Tracks, the former of which I've been having a blast with.

link between worlds, if you have a wii U get windwaker

To answer the title question: YES
Best game: EASILY Wind Waker

I dunno, I didn't get the same feeling of adventure and grandeur from Wind Waker that I got from other Zeldas. IMO.

Huge Zelda fan here. My favorite Zelda game being The Wind Waker. To give you an idea how much I love that game, I actually hated the Wii U version for adding a new lighting engine. The original was so much more pretty to look at!

I really want voice acting in Zelda U, even though it's taboo for the series. Also was kind of hoping for some realism this time around, because they always do bright colors, but whatever. It will still be a great game, I'm sure. Hoping that the open world doesn't mean it becomes storyless like Skyrim or anything.

OK so I got the Gamecube version of WW at a consignment shop and its great

but it stops reading the disk right before i get the shield so i'm sad frowning

If the disc is noticeably scratched, try using car wax. It works wonders. Otherwise, your console may have an issue, and you could try cleaning the disc laser.

I'm a really big Zelda fan, though I got in to it late. The games I've played (in order) Link's awakening DX, Ocarina of time (3DS version), The original, Four Swords, Majora's mask, oracle of ages, Link Between worlds, and I'm currently playing Wind Waker. Once I finally find time to finish it I may play Skyward Sword.

I look forward to Zelda WiiU, but I'm not sure Hyrule Warriors still though. It looks nice, but it's very different from the style of games a normally play.