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Oh ho! "Fire vs. Ice" storyline? How interesting...

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I personally want some Chi-ified sea creatures, so basically the Atlantis guardians.

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That's probably the most likely scenario for the next wave, to be honest. I can see that happening and having some really stupid character development thing about Laval going underwater.

Blah. Regardless, could be a cool wave.



I expect more 'friendship is a lot like water' jokes pouring in soon.

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I just hope that Cragger will be the main hero in the next wave, and that Laval becomes the main villain (he would be hypnotised by Crooler and/or a new, evil, female Lion Tribe member via Persuader Plants that are even more powerful in nature than the ones that Crooler used on Cragger last year)!!!!! In this way The LEGO company would have essentially undone the racism; stereotypes/tropes that lion characters are always good, well-dressed, noble and honourable in character and personality, and that reptile characters are always savage, evil and sneaky in personality and have no honour or virtues; and prejudices against the Crocodile Tribe in the LEGO Legends of Chima theme in general!!!!! What does everyone else think of my idea – is it a good idea or a bad idea???

This would be especially true in nature if the things that I hope will happen next year actually happen in my previous post, which would only strengthen the friendship between Cragger and Laval (once Laval is no longer being mind controlled by Persuader Plants – Laval would only be mind controlled by Persuader Plants for a few episodes in the LEGO Legends of Chima T.V. series in Season 4)!!!!!

This is a very good idea!!!!! This is becuase it would show some character development of Cragger, and it would allow the Crocodile Tribe (but it would exclude Crooler, as she is the only evil Crocodile Tribe member!) – especially Cragger – for their chance to figuratively shine there and be the main heros in the land of Chima for a change!!!!! Also, it is a very good idea, as it would allow the Crocodile Tribe to fight against evil underwater Tribes who threaten the land of Chima!!!

King LaGravis gets captured by Sir Fangar, after Sir Fangar and some of the other Sabre-tooth Tigers attack the Lion Temple, in Episode 34 of the LEGO Legends of Chima T.V. series!!!!!

That friggen scene with Crug getting defrosted went on too long, and was cut to too many times.

The fight scene was pretty awesome, though, with the Ice Hunters using their OP Freezing abilities to good effect, and that makes me glad.

Kinda annoyed that Crominus and Crunket got taken again.

The Vultures seem like they might get kinda gimmicky with their contrasting words with each other. Also, didn't know that the Vultures could not fly.

Mammoths were funny, alas, poor Motrott or whatever his name is.

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Crug is almost as dumb in intelligence as the male Rhinoceroses (at least in this episode), with me laughing out loud here!!!

I didn't enjoy Crug's scenes at all.

Also, something I liked. Finally, after 26 episodes of doing nothing...


Seems like the writers decided to drop them, and I'm glad. I mean, Ravens weren't in the battle, but uh, Razar's in a set, so they're for sure coming back. Man, just glad to be done with the bears.

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Tormak is actually Panthar!!!!! The proof is in Episode 37, where he turns into Panthar near the end of the episode, after he betrays the Phoenix Tribe and their allies to Sir Fangar and his allies: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H4aHGWqeT80&list=UUmuZat3OZL7WYicANdRBHxw!!!!!

So, I saw the Crescent.

I enjoyed it, but I was indeed kinda annoyed that the Ravens had to go through the "Trial" garbage, 'cause well...they fly just as much as the Eagles. But eh. Maybe it's just Eris that's special. Whatever.

Uh, also liked that the Fire Chi was a limited reserve, made the fight less one sided, and that's always good.

Speedors look pretty cool, I guess. Razar selling things, always great.

The Lagravis subplot had some hit and miss moments(Eljay Level Bad Puns) but the payoff...oh, the payoff was worth it.

Lagravis basically saying to his son that he was crazy, and could never get a girlfriend. It's just too good, after all the stuff with Laval sucking for the past 30 some episodes.

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About the Ravens in having to go through the trials, and on what Laval said to his father about him meeting Li'Ella and his father's reaction to it at the end of the episode – yes, I know... right...? [Besides, Cragger is a much better character than Laval (that is the case, at least in the LEGO Legends of Chima T.V. series)!!!]