Legends of Chima 2015 Set Names and Prices Have Been Revealed

Legends of Chima 2015 Set Names and Prices Have Been Revealed

It’s that time of year again; leaks for Lego’s Winter 2015 set lines are starting to emerge. Swiss shopping site Max Bersinger AG has recently posted the entire Winter 2015 range of Lego sets to their website, before swiftly taking them down. These listings included set names only (no pictures), but thankfully CM4Sci and David Thomsen from Eurobricks have managed to obtain some additional information about these sets, such as better translations of their names and NZD prices.

Legends of Chima 2015 will see the continuation of Summer 2014’s “Fire vs. Ice” plotline, featuring new sets for both sides. Of note is the appearance of “Tribe Packs,” which will possibly contain several minifigures from the respective tribes.

Credit to David Thomsen, CM4Sci’s contact, for the translated set names and NZD prices.

Strainor’s Saber Cycle (70220) – 29.99

Flinx’s Ultimate Phoenix (70221) – 39.99

Tormak’s Shadow Blazer (70222) – 59.99

Icebite’s Claw Driller (70223) – 79.99

Tiger’s Mobile Command (70224) – 119.99

Lion Tribe Pack (70229) – 19.99

Ice Bear Tribe Pack (70230) – 19.99

Crocodile Tribe Pack (70231) – 19.99

Saber-tooth Tiger Tribe Pack (70232) – 19.99

Two unknown sets were also listed, labeled “PT 6” and “PT 7.”

PT 6 – 79.99

PT 7 – 119.99

Link to Cm4Sci’s Eurobricks post: http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=99477&#entry1982600

Written by: Mesonak, 9/3/2014

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The Saber Cycle seems like it would be interesting.

I'm looking forward to the big Tiger set.

I assume it'll be like the Worriz Combat Lair

Tribe packs sound like a battle pack which would be neat.

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