Legends of Chima concept art

@LQ1998 recently brought this to my attention, but Lego has released some pretty cool concept art for the theme. The most interesting aspect to me was that originally it was going to be barbarians dressed in animal costumes. That would've been much cooler in my opinion stuck_out_tongue

See it here.


That first picture looks an awful lot like Bionicle, what with the golden masks and all.

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Nice creative use for the head.

Also for the vehicles, I like how they start off with something made out of non-lego parts and work around that.



So the characters still looked ridiculous and stupid while in development.


I would have preferred the early concepts for the final character designs than the actual final character designs.

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It looks like they were borrowing concepts from bionicle and Ninjago with the masks and golden weapons but they went with chi because that was more original.


Holy insects, this look bazaar.


What are they selling? :stuck_out_tongue:


*bizarre (i misspelled)

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I really, really, really just wished that at least some of the unused minifigures in the LEGO Legends of Chima concept art actually made it into the LEGO Legends of Chima sets (i.e. the "Crazy Croc" minifigure – which looks a lot like Crug, as they both are red-brown in colour – but has no printed metal thing over his lower jaw like Crug does there!), as it would have given us an additional red-brown coloured Crocodile warrior instead of us in having to use multiple Crug minifigures for our red-brown Crocodile warrior army divisions!!! disappointed

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