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EXAMPLE: They all overdosed on Chi and died. The end.


If I do one later, it’ll have it’s own topic

Yes I was planning on doing this and now I don’t have to take 3 minutes of my life to make my own topic!

Leval rdoe his vehcle towrs Crager’s catsle. eh wsa gona kll da croc king oce and fer all. eh tok is sord an stabed him.


I don’t like Chima that much

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Laval died because with his being an idiot we all new this was going to happen. Everyone else starts jumping on his grave and Cragger decides that he never should have been his friend.

He goes, breaks the rules, overdoses on Chi, and blows up the world. The end.

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There is a mirror world version of Chima – where the Lion Tribe (who have absolutely no honour and absolutely despise rules), the Eagle Tribe (who are very stupid in intelligence), the Gorilla Tribe (who love to fight, and absolutely hate flowers, trees and nature in general), and the Bear Tribe (who are full of energy and rarely sleep) start off as villains and then become heroes; where the Crocodile Tribe (who dress in nice clothing and not torn-up clothing like in the original, un-mirrored world of Chima), the Wolf Tribe (who have honour), the Raven Tribe (who love to give to charity), and the Rhinoceros Tribe (who are extremely smart in intelligence, which is just like Rogon when he is near the Rhinoceros Legend Beast in the original world version of Chima!) are heroes throughout the mirror world’s history; where the Beaver Tribe, Skinnet, Furtivo and Dom De La Woosh remain neutral in moral alignment; where the Scorpion Tribe (who are a peaceful tribe), the Spider Tribe (who don’t care at all about their appearance), and the Bat Tribe (who have excellent night vision but are deaf of hearing) are created on purpose by the (as of then) evil Lion Tribe but who have rebelled against them and thus are heroes (but, when the Lion Tribe, the Eagle Tribe, the Gorilla Tribe and the Bear Tribe saw the error of their ways and became heroes, they allied with the heroic Scorpions, Spiders and Bats); where the Phoenix Tribe (who are the masterminds behind all evil in the mirror world version of Chima and can control fire like in the original world version of Chima!), the Tiger Tribe, what is left of the Leopard Tribe, and, what is left of the Panther Tribe, are villains throughout the mirror world’s history (though they don’t reveal themselves until later on in time); and where the Sabre-tooth Tiger Tribe, the Mammoth Tribe, and the Vulture Tribe are heroes, who got wrongfully banished in a cave after their defeat by the evil Phoenixes and who got frozen there over time (as the cave is very, very, very cold in temperature!!!) but eventually get freed by the Scorpion Tribe, the Spider tribe and the Bat Tribe (who are now allies with them) to rid of Chima of the evil reign of the Phoenixes, Tigers, Leopards and Panthers – that all of the characters of Chima get sucked into by a hole in space and time!!! This is where Chima’s characters meet their counterparts in the mirror world version of Chima: Laval meets his villainous counterpart, who then become friends after the evil Laval sees the error of his ways; Cragger meets his heroic counterpart, who then become friends after the Cragger from the original world version of Chima sees the error of his ways [that is actually how Cragger from the original world version of Chima becomes completely heroic in character and personality (and no thus longer listens to his evil twin sister), as opposed to him in turning heroic in character and personality from Laval in breaking his fall in Episode 20 of the LEGO Legends of Chima T.V. series!]; Scorm meets his heroic counterpart; Fluminox meets his purely evil counterpart; and Sir Fangar meets his purely heroic counterpart. That is all I have for now. I hope that you like my LEGO Legends of Chima story.