Legends of Chima: Rules and Guidelines

In the magical land of Chima, animal biker gangs routinely battle for control of various forms of drugs-I mean, uh...

Legends of Chima is a theme introduced in 2013, intended to be the replacement line for Ninjago before that theme's revival. It has made quite a name for itself in the two years of its existence, although reception of the line has been mixed at best. Regardless of what you think about it, there's plenty to discuss!

  • This category is solely for discussion of the Legends of Chima theme. Any other thing you want to discuss goes elsewhere in the appropriate category. Additionally, try your best to fit whatever you want to the subcategories we have. Obviously, there will be some topics that will don't fit, so you can post them here and it will either remain or be moved into the relevant category by the mods.
  • Any spoilers from 2013-first half of 2014 are acceptable. Spoilers from the upcoming Fire vs. Ice storyline, however, are free to be posted ONE MONTH after they are made public. Until then, keep spoilers confined to spoiler threads.
  • Check to see that your topic of discussion hasn't already been made. We have no revival limit here, so if there's a topic that already has what you're looking for, don't clutter the front page by making a new one.

Other than that, enjoy!


If anyone makes the extremely overly used (and annoying!) joke of Chima's inhabitants in being psychoactively high on (illegal) drugs when they plug CHI orbs, they should be banned from this portion of the TTV Message Boards!!!!!


dude u need 2 take a chi pill


It was a joke; but I do find it annoying in nature when people say that, when the inhabitants of Chima CHI-up there, they are psychoactively high on drugs.