Legends of Hope. A fanfiction story

Note: This is all fanfiction, and doesn't take place in the Bionicle universe you might know. My spelling might not 100% correct.

(This is part two of a series, check out part one too!)

The only thing that could still save the Matoran was the Legend of Heroes...

A lot of years later

Isgur woke up, he looked around him, it was still dark, but that was logical because he lived underground. what was rather unusual was the large amount of noise he could hear from outside his house, like the whole village was already up.

Isgur got out of bed, he couldn't sleep with the noise anymore. He walked out of his house, and he was staggered, all of the people that lived in his village were there. Isgur thought: What is going on? I'd better talk to the Turaga Aernus!

So Isgur tried to walk through the crowd but it was just too big! He eventually had to wait several hours before he could go to Aernus.

Aernus was a wise Turaga and he was always busy, but not this time. When Isgur arrived at the Turaga's quarters, Turaga Aernus was reading an ancient script in a very weird language. Isgur managed to pick up a few words: 'Atilysk, Spire' but those word were enough, Isgur immediately knew what was going.

All these years Isgur doubted more and more about The Legend of Heroes but this was it! The Prophecy, the Legend, it was all real after all!

Isgur went home and packed a bag, he had to be ready when they would leave.....

21 February 2015 ToaPyren

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Two things. First, put it as a reply to your first topic; making a new topic for every new chapter is rather inefficient. Second, use more description here. What do Isgur and the Turaga look like? What is seen, heard, smelled, touched? Try to fill it out so that readers can envision the scene in their head, and try to make it so that reading through it takes a similar time for the reader as time passes in-story.

As far as the actual story is concerned, it seems interesting, though I'm curious about why all the people are out and about, and how Isgur knew that he had a role in this Prophecy.