Legends of Okoto #2: Inside we lie

Inside of our minds lies a dormant part that changes our personality.

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Lynis had experienced accidents before, but not like this one. The Makuta had setup some sort of trap or had thrown away a missed opportunity because it rattled his head to bits. It almost felt like his body was being duplicated, whatever that felt like. The only visible difference was that one piece of his armor was changed white, the back of his neck. for once in his life he actually felt different.

Two Av-Matoran walked close to him, sneaking actually. They were halfed scared by his appearance.

“Hh-Hey there…” Lynis managed to blurt out to the two Matoran.

“Um…Jaka, what do we say?” Said the Matoran to Lynis’s left.

The other just shook his head sideways.

“Hey, Im Jaku, my associate is Jaka. As you can see, we are twins. Lets get you up and we’ll explain why we’re here.”

Helping him to his feet, the twin Matoran carried Lynis by his arms as he tried to walk.
They talked about a party of heroes led by one of his old friends. This group operated on the means that they only capture if need be. Interrogations included. After a few minutes they got him to spot in the jungle where rocks sprouted from the ground. Strange but yet to his eyes it was peaceful.

They set him on a rock and started talking to a small rock. After a few minutes the rocks parted in some way revealing a stairway. Lynis reacted with a slight but meaningful “Whoa”.
He was led down to a iron door where another Matoran opened it for them. His name was pronounced in a weird way, Nauru or Norpuro, Lynis was strangely distraught by the name. He signalled a med team who helped Lynis to an infirmary. He was eventually healed enough to walk straight.

He was led by Jaka to an armoury where he would meet the groups leader and upgrade seeming as how the explosion he had just encountered not even an hour ago degraded his armour.

“Hey, who is the leader of this place?” Asked Lynis.

“Someone you know VERY well.”

A door opened and he was greeted by the shadow of a being in the middle of the dark armoury.

“Lynis…It really is you.” said the being.

“How do you know me?” Lynis answered back.

Out stepped a green plated Scatez, his old mentor and best friend.

Both locked eyes. Then extended their fists into balls.

“Brother!” they both said.

“Let me explain why I’ve been away for so long, my old friend.”


A faint light was shining in the farthest reaches of Lynis’s. It started talking to itself.

Yes, my host. Let me manifest. I am OHURA, YOUR OWN BROTHER!

Inside I lie.

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I don’t have time to read this right now, but I was able to read “two av-matoran”, av-matoran, on okoto, I think we have a problem


Uh, the Av-matoran are on Okoto?
Different universes, bro…
Also,in G2, there is only one Makuta…

Are you trying to use more language here?
It breaks your flow.
I have other notes, but I feel that’s enough.
Overall, this needs work.

@Asriel Its actually on Xia, but the storyteller is telling the story on Okoto.

@king328 Thanks, and the storyteller is on Okoto and is telling the story based on his philosophies.
The story is actually on Xia, it’s just never known to the Storyteller.

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