Legends Unite Book 3: The Great Unknown

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Hewkii picked up a tattered book with an old brown cover. He opened it to the page he last wrote on.

"Day 74

It’s been so long since that fateful day. That Toa of Gravity broke the Vahi, and it tore a hole in reality. Him, a decent amount of Dark Hunters, and the majority of Spherus Magna were all sucked in. We all now live on a chunk of land floating a good distance away from a black hole. This might be my last words…,

…I don’t want us to die."


Chapter 1: Brothers 'till Death

The other side of the universe

A mysterious figure awoke. He examined his surroundings, so unfarmiliar, yet, so welcoming. He grinned, and thought, “The portal was a success. I’m home. Soon, Mata Nui will perish, and all the worlds will bow to the might of Makuta Teridax…”

The leg of the Great Spirit Robot

A cloaked figure looked out on the great expanse of space. Spherus Magna was gone, and he was on one of its last remnants. He looked down to a puddle of water. He saw his mask, the Kanohi Kraakhan. Memories rushed into his head, and he remembered who he was.

The settlement on Vulcanus

Tahu gazed at the majestic ship. The Lhikan II, the ship used over a thousand years ago by the Toa that came before him. He knew that soon, he would captain it, just as Vakama had before him. Gali approached him. “Brother, you seem disturbed.” Tahu sighed. “Our world is changing, sister, and nothing in my power can stop it,” “Tahu, do you remeber the day we arrived on Mata Nui?” “Yes, Gali. It was a warm day, a quiet breeze blew softly, the water crashed on the shore…”

“And yet, we still had something to fight for.”

Chapter 2: The Calm before the Storm

Teridax observed his surroundings. He recognized the two moons in the night sky, but nothing else was familiar. He continued walking through a quiet forest, no sign of other life anywhere. The Makuta’s attention was grabbed by smoke rising up through the trees. He rushed toward the source, only to find a lone Po-Matoran receiving warmth from a robust fire. Makuta examined the Matoran. He recognized his face, and spoke to the Matoran. “Velika, what are you doing here?” Velika weakly shifted his view toward the Makuta of Metru Nui. “I could ask the same of you. I could also ask why you care about my being. I could also ask why we continue to take life for granted while our time is running out, but that wouldn’t have anything to do with this conversation, now would it?” There was a long pause. Teridax sat next to the Great Beibg in disguise, and the two silently gazed into the fire. Teridax closed his eyes. “It’s a long story,” he sighed. “What I thought. Now, how about we get off this rock?”, Velika replied. Teridax grinned.

The fire was blown out.

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Chapter 3: Loyalty

Velika led Teridax through some dense woods. It was dark as night, and Teridax held doubts about Velika’s directions. Finally, Velika reached an open spot in the forest and hit something that felt like metal. He smiled. “Well, whadda ya think?, Teridax?” Suddenly, an array of lights blasted on, revealing a huge starship at Velika’s side. Teridax was stunned speechless. “Yeah, I nagged this beauty a little bit after I was caught for, well, murdering all those people a while back. Come on now. Climb aboard!”

Teridax observed the control room. It was otherworldly and strange, it almost seemed… Alive.

Suddenly, a voice came from another room. “Velika?! Why is the ship starting up?” Velika sighed. “I forgot to mention- I had an accomplice in my murders. I brought him along for the ride.” A Po-Matoran entered the room, and suddenly froze at the sight of Teridax. “M-Master! You’re alive!”

Teridax seemed just as shocked. “I could say the same for you, Ahkmou.”

Chapter 4: The Origin of Shadow

Ahkmou bowed at the feet of Teridax, speaking in an exasperated voice. “I- I’m speechless.” Velika grinned. “I suppose I should get you up to speed. You see, a while back, I led the Spherus Magna community to chase Lesovikk for a murder spree. That is, until I killed Lesovikk, too. Eventually, I was caught, and disappeared for a bit. In that time, I found Ahkmou hiding as well. We teamed up to continue the terror. Then, after the war, we wound up with this ship in our possession…” Teridax examined the ship’s construction. “Speaking of which,” he inquired, “where did this ship come from?” Velika chuckled. “This, my friend, was one of the ships used by the Great Beings when they first explored the galaxy. Eventually, most of the ships were torn down and the metal was used to make the Great Spirit Robot. Strangely enough, this ship never left that planet we were just on. However, it had oddly already sent out one scout drone.” The control room was filled with silence for a minute.

Velika finally broke the ice. “So, Teridax, may I congradulate you for what you’ve done? You may not have realized, but you’re successfully sending the world to Karzahni.”

Chapter 5: The Warmonger

Velika continued. “I mean, look at it. You started out just wanting to be loved by Spherus Magna, and now you’ve caused almost the entirety of a planet to disappear, create worries about the apocalypse, not to mention Makuhe-” “Wait, Velika,” Teridax interrupted. “What do you know about what I did in Makuhero City?” “Well, I know you killed Makuro, pretended to be him, killed a bunch of heroes, then entered a portal and wound up here.” Teridax sighed. “It seems like that camera was specifically following me.” “Odd,” Velika interjected. “Well anyways, you two should get to bed. I’ll pilot us toward Spherus Magna.”

As Makuta and Ahkmou left, Velika thought to himself, “Strange. Could that Makuro be… No. That’s insane.”

Makuta and Ahkmou rushed into the control room the next day at the sound of Velika shreiking. “Hate to wake you early,” he yelled, “but it looks like we’re about to crash on that planet up ahead!”

Chapter 6: The Arena

The starship was catching flames in reentry as Velika began to panic. He began pressing every button on the control panel, but nothing would respond. In his panicked state, Velika passed out.

Velika awoke. He crawled out of the starship only to see Teridax and Ahkmou facing a large crimson armored beast. The beast towered over them, it’s leg larger than the starship they had previously cruised in. It was loaded with weapons and cannons, and it held two smaller biomechanical beasts on a chain. He looked around him to see they had crashed in a large arena, with hundreds of small creatures watching in the wings. They resembled Matoran, only smaller and they wore strange, large masks with mysterious marking covering them. Velika’s focus shifted back to the large beasts in front of the group. “We’re going to die tonight,” he thought.

Before the beast attacked, a blinding light shone from above, as two cables attached to and lifted the starship. The three crew members jumped on and began to be carried up with the ship.

They found themselves inside of a larger ship. As their eyes adjusted to the light, a figure approached them. “Makuta Teridax,” the figure spoke, “who would’ve thought we’d see you here of all places.” Makita recognized the voice. “Mark Surge,” he said, “what in Karzahni are you doing here?” As the crew’s eyes finally finished adjusting, they looked around to see they were surrounded by five Hero Factory agents, all with weapons drawn. Surge broke the silence. “After you so rudely killed our friend, we managed to find a part of his core. We tried to revive him with a new body. We called him Reload. Unfortunately, while the core had his conscience inside of it, it could not control the body. It went insane, and became the monster you saw down there. And now we need you to help us retrieve him.” “Okay, okay,” started Velika, “I’m going to assume you two know each other, and are pretty clearly pissed at each other, and I have no idea what you’re talking about, but why do you need our help?” Teridax sighed. “Because I created this.”

Chapter 7: The Toa of Shadow

Teridax looked Surge in the eye. “I did not kill your friend, and so, I will not help you.” A hero in black and blue armor, with a name plate saying ‘Jimi Stringer’ on it spoke up, saying “You may not have killed Furno, but if you hadn’t interfered, he wouldn’t be dead.” Teridax refuted. “How about this: you let us leave freely, and I’ll tell you the locatio of your worst enemy.” “Go on.” “He calls himself ‘The Overseer’. I got the idea to kill Makuro from him. He claims that he’s led most criminal attacks since Von Nebula.” Another hero, Evo, stepped in. “We can find him another time. This is our last chance to save Reload, to save Furno.” Finally, Ahkmou stepped in. “Alright!”, he exclaimed, “I’ll do it.” The heroes whispered among themselves and all nodded in unison. “Ahkmou, wait.” said Teridax. “My mask of shadows has been split in two thanks to that Toa of Ice. It is not as powerful as it used to be. But there is one thing I must do with it.” He reached out his hand and placed it on Ahkmou’s head. As he pulled his hand back, Ahkmou was covered in a shadowy cloud. He began screaming and thrashing, and his arms and legs thrashed in and out of the cloud.

Finally, Ahkmou emerged. He was taller, he held a spear in his hands, he felt more powerful.

He was a Shadow Toa.

Chalter 8: Reload

Ahkmou was lowered into the arena, still getting used to his new Toa state. The crowds howled as they unleashed the mechanical monster from the arena gates. Reload smacked Ahkmou into a wall with ease, then slowly trodded forward towards his foe. Ahkmou weakly struggled before being grabbed by the crimson clad beast, thrown on the ground, and mercilessly stomped upon. The alien like crowd roared in excitement. Ahkmou thought to himself, “Pull yourself together. I’m a Toa of Shadow now, I… I dunno, figure out something!” As Reload prepared another hit, a shadowy hand suddenly emerged from Ahkmou’s chest, smacking his opponent to the side. The crowd gasped.

As Reload began to get up, two large cables came down and hooked onto it. Ahkmou grabbed on to the crimson beast, and the two were lifted onto the Hero Factory’s ship.

Surge applied the last chain on Reload. As the beast struggled to break free, Surge clenched his Hero Cuffs as he started towards Teridax.

Teridax and Velika applause Ahkmou as Surge spoke up. “Very good down there, I owe you one.” Surge said. He casually placed his cuffs on Teridax’s hands. “Makuta Teridax, you are under arrest for treason and murder. You’ll be serving a life sentence at the Villain Storage.”

Chapter 9: Divided we Fall

Teridax grinned and broke his cuffs, leading so the heroes to pile on top of him. Seizing the opportunity, Velika grabbed Ahkmou’s hand and made a mad dash out of the sector. They spent what felt to them like hours searching for an emergency dropship, until they finally stumbled upon one. The two crammed themselves into it and took off into the great unknown.

Teridax began beating down the heroes and made his way into Velika’s ship. He locked all the heroes out of the ship and prepared to launch. Surge began to electrocute the ship, but to no avail. Finally, the ship deployed itself into space.

Velika guided the dropship to land on a nearby planet. “Let’s see if there’s fuel here,” he said. They landed on a strange platform floating in the atmosphere. The two were surrounded by heavy mining machinery. Velika got out of the ship with a baffled expression on his face. “Oh no. Oh Mata Nui no.” Ahkmou started towards him. “What’s wrong?” “We’ve screwed with time too much. This isn’t our planet, it’s theirs. If I don’t do something soon-” Velika began rushing to one of the empty dropships. “Wait!” cried Ahkmou. “Sorry my friend,” said Velika, “but I need to go. I’ll keep in touch!” Velika left the planet. Ahkmou couldn’t believe what had happened. In just a half hour, his group was divided. He was alone.

Chapter 10: The Return

Ahkmou awoke. His ship had crashed on Spherus Magna. He observed his surroundings. He was in some sort of cave with strange crystals. It didn’t matter to him where he was, as long as the Matoran didn’t find him.

Velika landed the ship back where he first took off. He recognized the marks made from takeoff, it had only been a month since he left. He saw a familiar figure sitting in front of him. He approached it. “Hello Vezon,” he began.

Teridax approached Spherus Magna, only to find a large chunk of the planet with a population on it. As he approached further, he gasped when he recognized the mask on the figure preaching to the masses.

Icarax was back.

End Part 1

Part 2


Icarax looked out upon the stars. He knew where he was, but he didn’t know how he got there. One minute, Teridax was fighting him inside Hero Factory. The next minute, he was, in the severed leg of the Great Spirit Robot’s prototype, with Spherus Magna nowhere in sight. He didn’t know what to do, but he knew he had to start moving.

Takadox looked at Icarax from above. He didn’t know what either of them were doing there, but he knew that he was going to have to make an alliance.

Roodaka awoke. She clenched her fist and cursed under her breath. She had been ripped from her time, sent on a doomed mission, and wound up stranded in some sort of machine. Still laying down, she turned her head to the right. She saw Takadox and Icarax conversing inaudible. All she knew was that she would have to deal with them soon.

Chapter 1: A Shaky Alliance

Roodaka continued to watch the two warlords bicker inaudibly, waiting for an opportunity to join the conversation.

“And even if we make this alliance,” Icarax said, “what are we going to do with Roodaka over there? She needs to return to her time, and I don’t have a Vahi on hand.” “Which,” interjected Roodaka, “Is exactly where out alliance comes in. I help you get back to Spherus Magna, and you can send me wherever you please. Deal?” Icarax and Takadox quietly debated. “Deal,” said Takadox, “but we’ll need a ship. And I know exactly where to find one…”

Chapter 2: The Misplaced Queen

“Takadox! Get up!” The Barraki warlord awoke. He had apparently dozed off while looking for an escape vessel. He saw Roodaka standing at his feet. “Enjoy your beauty rest? Good, because we found the ship.” He set his eyes upon the gleaming silver cruiser. “It’s an old transport ship the Great Beings used to move supplies to the Great Spirit Robot. Once they were done, they just left them lying around, all over the place!” Icarax stopped her from boarding. “We need to talk first.”

1,002 years ago

Roodaka’s plan was all coming together. She had corrupted Toa Vakama, and the final battle was about to begin. Suddenly, a mysterious, black and red clad figure appeared. When he ordered her to get on, she was more than happy to agree. Now she didn’t have to watch the bloodbath.

Present Day

“And now,” explained Icarax, “because of that Dark Hunter’s stupidity and that Ice Toa’s laziness, we have you running around from a time when you didn’t attend the Vizorak Battle, possibly preventing the Great Rescue! And if we don’t do something soon, we’re done for. We’ll be replaced.” Roodaka nodded. “Okay, okay, so why did you stop me from boarding the ship so I can find a way to get back to my time?” " Just wanted you to be aware of the mission."

The ship took off into the vast sea of stars.

Chapter 3: The Dying People

Icarax looked out among the the green sky of the planet he had landed on. He watched as a gigantic starship left for the cosmos, with two smaller ships flying ahead of it. He recognized the technology on that ship, it was from the factory where he died. At least, where he wished he had died.

Three Months Ago

What had felt like an hour was only ten minutes into Icarax’s fight with his brother. Teridax was merciless and untiring in his attacks, not to mention his army. Icarax was only one Makuta. A Rahkshi removed his mask slowly and presented it to its lord. Icarax was helpless. He screamed, but could not hear a thing. He blacked out.

Icarax didn’t know how long it had been when he woke up. He found himself in the severed leg of the Great Spirit Robot. His mask was back, but it felt much less powerful.
He looked outside, and all he could see was a sea of stars, with a single chunk of Spherus Magna adrift in the cosmos. It had been a while.

Present Day

“Woah, check this out!” Icarax was awoken from his reminiscing by Takadox’s curiosity. “Sorry, did he interrupt your daydream?” teased Roodaka. Takadox motioned them into the ship. “No really, check this out. I did a scan on this planet. There’s a whole lot of solar discrepancies in the atmosphere. We’ll want to leave soon, the planet’s gonna burn!” Icarax took a minute to process this, then turned his head to the grand arena in the distance. “I have an idea.” His partners looked towards him in confusion. “What if we brought some of the people here with us?” Takadox raised his brow. “Hear me out, we can train them into an army, and come back to Spherus Magna with a fighting chance!” The confusion turned to agreement. Icarax walked toward the massive stadium before him.

Chapter 4: Betrayal

Roodaka and Takadox strolled down the pod deck of the ship. “You know, Tak,” began Roodaka, “I’m starting to enjoy this team we’ve assembled. The little monsters Icarax is training have proven a suitable army. Even if we didn’t have them, we still have Icarax’s leadership, my beauty, the ship, and you’re there too!” Takadox smirked.

Icarax rushed out of the new training center and sat down at his desk. Catching his breath, he flipped open his journal.

"Day 8

The training of the beasts is going smoothly thus far. The humanoid creatures, which we’ve dubbed Takaga, are rambunctious. They consistently fight amongst each other, and will only quiet down to gather around a fight. To resolve this, we’ve divided them into six groups, one for each breed. Among those six, we separate them into two classes: warriors and elders. This way, we can avoid as many casualties as possible.We also must separate them from the Rishika, the race of large, predatorial reptiles we discovered. They are eager to consume the Takaga, so the five we’ve captured are in maximum security."

Roodaka stopped by one of the pods. “But still,” she continued, “we don’t all serve a purpose here. Some of us are… Unwanted.” Suddenly, she shoved Takadox into the pod and shoved the door shut. Takadox shouted, “What?! How could you? I swear, you lying, slimy, ninetailed-” “Language, dear. And, well, sorry I suppose. But we can’t have three warlords. So, go find some other planet, write home sometime. And have fun!” She ejected the escape pod and watched Takadox shout and scream through the cosmos.

Chapter 5: Consequences

Icarax opened his journal.

"Day 23

The Takaga are learning fast. They have accepted me as their leader, and through rhythmic codes, I now have communication with them, albeit limited.

The Rishiki, on the other hand, have shown no signs of sentience. They are to be used as weapons and nothing more.

We are only a short distance from Spherus Magna. I estimate a month or two until our arrival.

This concludes this entry."

As Icarax closed the leather book, Roodaka approached him. “Icarax,” she began, “I have a request. When we arrive at Spherus Magna, I will, of course, be at the right hand of your throne, correct?” Icarax simply stood up and beckoned her to follow.

Icarax stopped in the pod bay. As Roodaka caught up, he kicked her into one of the pods and locked the door. “Ironic, isn’t it?” He said softly. " I know what happened with Takadox. I am afraid I cannot carry the burden of delivering you to your time any longer. Ensure me, Roodaka, that you will find a way back to where you belong." Roodaka, a slight tear building up in her eye, nodded. Icarax smiled, and launched the pod.


Icarax’s ship landed on the chunk of Spherus Magna. As the dust settled around it, the Matoran and Agori stared in confusion. The doors opened, unveiling an army of Takaga and Rishiki charging at the masses. The population ran in terror, unable to fight back. Icarax passed by a room filled with tubes at the bottom of the ship. Inside one, he saw a Rahkshi armor, lying dormant in the sickly green liquid. He smiled, and moved on.

2 months later

Zoro stepped up to the pedestal. Before him stood all the Toa, Agori, Glatorian, Matoran, and Turaga he could gather. This was certainly a step up from a single Toa Team. His original team was still there, of course, barring Blitz and Jakami. “Friends,” he began, “I have brought you here today for one goal: the downfall of Icarax’s rule. Since he arrived, we have been hunted and abused. We are closer to death than ever before. That is why I have chosen to form this resistance. If we want to survive, we must band together and defeat Icarax.” An uproar of applause reverberated around the room. As the sound died down, Zoro heard loud footsteps just outside. “They’ve found us. Everyone, retreat through the escape route. I will stay here as a diversion.” When the resistance escaped, three crimson clad Rahkshi broke into the room. They charged Zoro and dragged him out of the room by his arms. The fire Toa grinned as his arms were nearly pulled off of his body.

The endgame has begun.