Lego Acceleracers (Hotwheels) Made with

This is a WIP because I still lack some of the physical hotwheels castings, and some pieces I need aren’t in quite yet. I will update this as I complete more. For now, here’s what I’ve got. Some details are impossible to build in, and would requite decals. I’ll update them with decals when I learn how to use it.



Battle Spec



Power Rage





Power Bomb


Drift Tech






Note, the wedges aren’t inside the tires, it only appears to be that way due to a reflection from the chrome.

Teku-Ized Deora II

Unfortunately, the updates won’t continue for a while. At least, not until gets the part I need added to the inventory. That, and I still have models to collect. In order to complete the full collection, I still need to acquire Spectyte, Chicane, Reverb, Rat-ified, Rollin Thunder, Flathead Fury, Rivited, Octanium, RD-01, RD-02, RD-03, RD-05, RD-08, RD-10, '70 Plymouth Roadrunner, Krazy 8s, and Ballistik. I have Slingshot already, but sadly not the particular windshield piece. I believe it’s the one in the 2020 Speed Champions Ferrari and Lamborghini sets. Until then, drivers.


My goodness, I never thought I’d see the day Acceleracer’s content on this site that wasn’t from me. Splendid job!

Do RD-09 next

Sadly, I don’t have an RD-09 yet, so that one will have to wait. The ones I do have that you can look forward to (In no particular order) are: Drift Tech, High Voltage, Power Bomb, Piledriver, Spinebuster, Hollowback, Covelight, Accelium, Metaloid, Technetium, Carbide, and Nitrium. Perhaps a Teku-ized Slingshot as well.

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I had that hyperpod with a hook XD the only thing I remember c;

Y-you never watched the movies…?

I still have the mcdonalds versions of bassline and rd-06

Battle Spec and Jack Hammer came out really well imo! I’d be interested in seeing Reverb and RD-09, as well as Teku Deora II and Sling Shot.

Maybe they could be a little less blocky on the sides, but other than that, those looks super cool! The RD-06 is probably my favorite one.

Nice, these are really well made.