Lego Acceleracers (Hotwheels) Made with

This is a WIP because I still lack some of the physical hotwheels castings. For now, here’s what I’ve got. Some details are impossible to build in, and would requite decals. I’ll update them with decals when I learn how to use it. Edited 06/18/21, added Covelight, High Voltage, Nitrium, Spinebuster, Slingshot Teku-ized, Silenced Ballistik.



Power Rage

Battle Spec


Drift Tech

Deora II Teku-ized




Power Bomb

'70 Plymouth Roadrunner Torqued



RD-10 (My only non-minifig compatible car due to proportions)


Droned Krazy 8s









High Voltage



Slingshot Teku-ized

Silenced Ballistik

I still have models to collect. In order to complete the full collection, I still need to acquire Spectyte, Chicane, Rat-ified, Rollin Thunder, Flathead Fury, Rivited, RD-01, RD-02, RD-03, RD-05, and RD-08.


My goodness, I never thought I’d see the day Acceleracer’s content on this site that wasn’t from me. Splendid job!

Do RD-09 next

Sadly, I don’t have an RD-09 yet, so that one will have to wait. The ones I do have that you can look forward to (In no particular order) are: Drift Tech, High Voltage, Power Bomb, Piledriver, Spinebuster, Hollowback, Covelight, Accelium, Metaloid, Technetium, Carbide, and Nitrium. Perhaps a Teku-ized Slingshot as well.

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I had that hyperpod with a hook XD the only thing I remember c;

Y-you never watched the movies…?

I still have the mcdonalds versions of bassline and rd-06

Battle Spec and Jack Hammer came out really well imo! I’d be interested in seeing Reverb and RD-09, as well as Teku Deora II and Sling Shot.

Maybe they could be a little less blocky on the sides, but other than that, those looks super cool! The RD-06 is probably my favorite one.

Nice, these are really well made.


@TheThirdOlmak Would you consider making/sharing instructions/parts list for these vehicles. Im thinking of getting a lego acceleracers car for my brother for xmas since we were both huge fans as kids (and hes into cars) and these models are the best by far ive seen around.

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I appreciate the thought, however, I regret to inform you that these models can only exist digitally in these colors. I’m not entirely sure if it would be viable to build these with existing parts. That being said, I am willing to make instructions for these models. Just let me know which ones you want the builds for, and I’ll get to work on making those pdfs.

Honestly if i was able to have instructions to build all these id gladly take it lol. That being said i realize it takes time to make these instructions as I have done so myself on for lego models, my favorites are: Reverb, Deora 2, battle spec, jackhammer, bassline. Even just Reverb + deora 2 would be dope. If you recommend other ones in terms of whats possible to build irl ill take anything.

Really appreciate your desire to help me, my bros gonna love his gift.

Oh, they’re all possible to build IRL, just some of them have pieces in translucent colors that they don’t exist in. I’ll make the ones for Reverb and the Deora II first, and I can make the rest afterwards. Btw, I also made some highway 35 builds in another post I made. Even made a drone sweeper separately as well. I’ll reply with the Reverb and Deora II pdf links once I finish them.

Here’s the link, so far I have the Deora II and Reverb added. The rest are gonna come later.

Thanks for linking the PDFs, I really appreciate it. Just curious if you would happen to have a parts # list as well, just since im trying to source the parts and am having a hard time finding all of em.

I wasint aware you also made hw 35 vehicles so ill check it out, im still amazed that hw 35 + acceleracers in lego isint more common. but then again it was 15 +ish years ago. I did see a drone sweaper build but not sure if its yours. I tried to buy the officially sweeper for hotwheels on ebay, but that was before I saw the price. was 800$ lol.

Yeah, but the sweeper I built is not only compatible with most of the vehicles, but I even tested and tweaked the function I gave it IRL, so I can confirm it will work. Frankly, I’m also surprised there isn’t more of it around. That instruction pdf is gonna be an absolute MONSTER lol. I have no idea how to do a parts list thing, I’ll see what I can do.

the cars pdf are like 70+ pages so i caint even imagine what the sweeper one is like lol. Im starting to make parts lists on Bricklink for the deora 2. Im going step by step and adding the necessary pieces. It takes a long time but worth it. Once im done I can share it with you if youre interested.