Lego Announces the Return of Bionicle!

This is pretty good news to come home from school to. smiley I really wish Lego would've said whether it was a reboot or a continuation, though, instead of giving us mixed signals.

I just had a thought.
These leaks come off as a little TOO obvious to me. Then again maybe someone just seriously derped.
So... What if Bionicle's return is just something to distract us from the REAL new line from lego to-be-announced at NYC? Or... IDK, maybe the leaks just forced lego to announce Bionicle early.
I have no idea.

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I think some of the leaks may have been on purpose, but the one with the picture of the 4 was probably just an accident

I'm going to say to you what I say to all the people who think Lego would try and deceive their fans: That would be one of the worst things for their PR they could do.

I know this is weird, but I'm super excite that the word Bionicle in the new bionicle logo is still the same font as the original! I know that's weird, but that font was cool. you know that one. Its the same in this one. I know. Weird thing to be happy about, but yeah... that's just me...


Or (in the rare chance it is a continuation) he's dead :P.

The second font looks a bit thicker to me.

Finally! The Hype Ship was starting to smell...

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If your Mom was here right now Fistbump XP I am so excited. XP Every set is on my wishlist. smile

true, I noticed that too, but it's not really that big of a difference in my opinion. But yeah, your right, it be thicker

Haha I know. She thinks it's kinda weird that I haven't grown out of it but she doesn't mind at all so it's cool.

And as for the font thing, yeah it's a little different but very similar, so I'm glad about that.

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Well if Bionicle 2015 doesn't release, this would be awkward, THE BIONICLE SITE IS UP!


That just took me to the products page.

It's weird, people seem to be getting that, but on mine it works. Let me try something brb.

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yeah it took me to the product page too

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Awesome. Also, I like how the font keeps in with the old style, but has a bit of a new twist.

I think it's regional, so it might not be up in your area as of this time. It works on other laptops I have.

hu well ok then

My reaction:

Oh my.
Anyways, I hope we get an Arkakha set or something. Also, I hope it's not using the Inika system. I really don't like the Inika heads.

wow. i had a very good day. i checked lego's twitter every 30 minutes. for 5 hours. then i came home. there was a package laying on the floor right before my feet. i opened it and found mutran, vican, kongu inika, chirox, tahnok and kohrak in the box. then i saw it. that movie. i looked at the mask. and i still can't express the feeling. it's a simple text with a movie, something we see every day, but yet it is so special to me.

bionicle is love
bionicle is live