Lego Announces the Return of Bionicle!

For anyone unable to see the site, here you go. BTW the teaser is a little disappointing but it gets the job done on announcing it's confirmation, that's something at least.


does....does the mask of creation have a mouth?!?
my excitement just dropped

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Nah, that's just the lighting. :/ Look at the video of it spinning around, it obviously doesn't have a mouth. stuck_out_tongue


@Vezon @kamen_rider_kiva If it does we could have a movie or tv show.


A tv show would be cool, hopefully better then the one that was one nickelodeon (i may be wrong though it may have been Legend Reborn (the movie)).

What region are you from? Can you grab more screenshots off the page?

@Kahi Canada B.C. which I am now considering this is a time zone (Pacific) issue, not a region one. (Canada, U.S. Australia.) Here are all the images I could gather from the site. If you want the files let me know where to send them.


I'm in B.C as well but it takes me to the products page.

....this is odd. I wonder how you managed to get access.


That is a possibility because I'm in C.S.T. and not getting it.

It was a tough complex ideal, that I shall tell you. But I must warn you, these instructions are again, complex, and you must listen carefully. I will tell you exactly how it went with precise detail...

Step. 1) I typed the websites name.

Step. 2) That's it.


But in all honesty I have no idea how it only works here.

What browser are you using?

Internet Explorer, still I think the other computer I tried it on uses Mozilla. So it can't be that most likely.

I don't know how it works for me, I didn't use some technological no how, I didn't use a fancy internet browser, I didn't type a bunch of random things and then POOF there's Jesus saying hey, want a teaser for Bionicle, here you go LoLz. I have no idea.

@Kahi @IllustriousVar Try this link and see if it'll work.

Nope nothing.

In any case, you just made our front page news, congrats!


OH MY GOSH! Thank you guys so much for the shout, you guys keep getting better and better. Also again thanks for the shout on the podcast about the eBay thing. I really do appreciate all you guys have done.

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...can I share your mom?

Wait, the Bionicle site is up for some people? Not working for me...

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Thats odd, the link works fine for me...

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