Lego Announces the Return of Bionicle!

I live in Florida, which shows that it's not a time zone issue.

Quite strange...


Yeah, it doesn't work for me, and I'm in Virginia, which is in the same time zone as Florida, so...not a time zone issue.

Just saw this topic, does anyone else notice the Nuva Symbols on the MoC?! Just me?


OMG they look very similar indeed, good eye.

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The Nuva Symbols are very relevant, it seems. Look at the pedestal in the Facebook teaser video, the Nuva Symbols are there too. Maybe defenders are similar to Bohrok?


Stop me if this sounds stupid but, the mask looks like it has multiple unused Nuva Symbols that could revert to other Toa Nuva, or unused elements if a Toa Nuva of, let say, Sonics, were to be made, one of the symbols could revert to him.


You're right! Remember the piraka saying, "Remember that Toa of Sonics? Kind of a Toa of Silence now."


I'm right about something? SOMEONE GET A BANNER! LoLz, but yeah I actually read the comic yesterday. Let's hope we get some new Toa.

P.S. Whose to say if one of those symbols is for Light/Takanuva.

I had to go to bed(work nights) I'm lost how do we know this is a contuiation? Has any additional information been posted that I missed?

and the site works for me to, I'm using Firefox.


I'm guessing that the site only works for certain people. How strange...

shrugs I dunno.I have a Lego ID so could that be it? People who actually have an acount with lego can see it but those who don't can't? I'm no IT guy, I don't know how these things work. stuck_out_tongue



I would suggest everyone to try to view the site while signed in to their LEGO ID account and see what happens.

EDIT: It didn't work for me, but I don't know if it works for others.

What? This is a screencap. I clicked the link this is what it took me to.

Sorry if I sounded hostile

The link works for me and I'm not logged in to my Lego account!

LOL this is crazy!

Huh, that's weird. Dunno what it could be then.

CELEBRATE, GATHERED FRIENDS! The legend of BIONICLE has come once again!


Someone linked a URL to the Lego Cache during a call earlier that was able to take us there. I can't remember who exactly it was, but they can link it again if possible.


This is some of the most exciting news I've heard regarding Lego in my entire lifetime! This is gonna be so cool! Glad to have a second opportunity to experience Bionicle!

Wait! Do suppose this mean we'll see Artahka if this is a continuation? Or are they just searching for the Mask of Creation?

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I think they'll just be searching for it..