Lego Announces the Return of Bionicle!

I guess only time will tell, huh?

Wow, Chronicler. Just... wow.

Thanks to @NotDimentioNuva, we have a working link to the preliminary Bionicle website!

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So earlier I was watching the Mask of Creation clip over a couple of times, and soon the background robot-magic tune started to turn into something else much more sinister. That later turned into this:
Mask of Creation?
Please forgive me...

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Your video is currently private.

Literally just posted it, tis up now. XD

The thing is, the duck from the duck song is there. Not Chica. LOL.

Actually, might be just new writing for the Bionicle Universe.

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Lol, I just discovered this and was going to report it. stuck_out_tongue It's very satisfying to go to and not be redirected to Also it's letting me post now!

EDIT: Just realized it only works a

Lego Did that in thier old 2004 lego knights kingdom

Still not working for me...

Didn't BZpower try to deny it when the first rumors came out? I noticed they have yet to post anything on their YouTube channel yet...

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Lego probably told them not to.


They didn't deny it; they just banned discussion of leaked content on their boards, as per their agreement with Lego. Not being allowed to talk about it is easy to mistake for outright denial. wink


I'm just now getting around to posting stuck_out_tongue

Anywho, I was hoping for a bigger reveal than what we got, but it's nice to have some official confirmation.

Am I the only one here who still thinks it's a reboot? stuck_out_tongue


I still believe so, in fact I believe that Greg has given indirect support to the idea in a recent message.

It probably will be a reboot, but I'm holding out for a continuation of some sort.


I reckon its a soft reebot.

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The amount that they revealed was what I had expected.

Although, if it was any bigger then Lego would have a lot of stuff to show...

And, I'm Pro-continuation. As far as I know, TTV is altogether Pro-reboot.

Either way...

BIONICLE 2015!!!


Takuma is very much pro-continuation and Exx doesn't mind either way, so we aren't a 100% reboot on our end. But yeah most of us really want a reboot smile


A reboot just seems more exciting, mysterious, and all around awesome.