LEGO Avatar TLA Help Topic!

Hey everyone! Today I’d like to ask for help from the wonderfully talented and imaginative members of this community.

I’m in dire need of some decent names/backstory for some characters and organisations in the Avatar: The Last Airbender fan-fiction/sub-universe that I've been working on for the past few years. Care to contribute a few ideas?

The Shadow Assassins

The Shadow Assassins are an elite guild of highly skilled warriors who profit from the chaos and unrest caused by the Hundred Year War. They specialize in various melee and projectile weapons instead of the Bending arts. Their motivations and affiliations are unknown.

OOC: These guys are a major part of the grittier, darker Avatar universe I'm trying to create. I'd appreciate any ideas about possible backstory and/or a more fitting name for them. Also, constructive critisim about the figures themselves would be much appreciated. smiley

The Commander and the Lieutenant

The Commander is the powerful and cunning leader of the Shadow Assassins. The Lieutenant is the second-in-command and relishes any opportunity to make use of his immense strength in battle.

OOC: Again, I'd appreciate any good fantasy/Avatar-sounding names for these guys.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Avatar Universe, I'd recommend taking a look around the excellent wiki.

Again, any names or backstory ideas will be much appreciated smiley.



I know about as much about Avatar as a rock does. All I know is what my friend has told me, and he usually just talks about moves he liked from the occasional times he gets bored and just turns the TV on.

Nice minifigures regardless! They all look very bandity <3

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That's okay. :smiley: You wouldn't happen to have any name ideas, would you? Any fantasy/oriental-sounding ones would do.

Umm. These will be random. I have no idea what they mean if they mean anything at all.

Rai (Which is actually one of my Self-MOCs names)
Sten Le (You know where this comes from stuck_out_tongue)
And finally Yong

Yeah. Most of them are probably lame.

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hey cool
I found an ancient topic
about an ancient show

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...that's not a very fitting name. :wink:


yeah um LM do you still need names for these guys?

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Yup. They've been sitting on my shelf nameless for the past year. :stuck_out_tongue:

oh um

well then


...yeah i've got nothing.

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No one ever does... :cry:

What about Coolio?

legomaster is not amused


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