LEGO Batman Movie 2

No God, please no…

I just hope this isn’t true… I HATE BATMAN!

Despite the very high ratings of The LEGO Batman Movie, I though it was nothing special. The LEGO Ninjago Movie was way better, and still it’s the one who failed the critics. It’s just not fair…

And this means… Another Batman Movie sets wave… NOOOOO! If they just do another movie, I wouldn’t mind, but another wave of garbage sets?! I was so happy when the theme finally got discontinued in the summer of this year, and now we will have Batman Movie 2

This proves how obsessed is LEGO with Batman. I am already worried on how good the LEGO Movie 2 will be, but having LEGO Batman 2? Come on, LEGO.

I am kinda angry that they put effort into the Batman movie, having a result of 91% on Rotten Tomatoes. But when it came to the LEGO Ninjago Movie, their original story and theme, they got lazy, resulting in a low 56% on Rotten Tomatoes.

But anyways, those are just my unpopular thoughts… I may get a lot of criticism… But what do you guys think?


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I think it’s still too early to make a topic, but it could be fun speculation.

I really, really, really hope we get this, if only so I can see more Killer Croc and Scarecrow, two of my favorite supervillains. I also liked LBM Bane, hopefully he’ll be in it too. Honestly, if we get this movie, I’d rather it just about the villains. They could have cool sets too.


maybe because they knew Batman would sell, while they were reasonably more cautious with Ninjago


That is no excuse for why they didn’t put as much effort into TLNM then into TLBM and TLM.

@ToaNoah_Wafflemeister I know, but I kinda hated all those random lame villains. Kite-man, Calendar Man, Clock King, Egghead… Really?! Who the heck came with such stupid ideas?! This is probably the thing I dislike the most about the Lego Batman movie.


that is all


Well, this is oddly preliminary to have a rant attack. All we know at this point is that it might be in the works. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see…

Those are classic Batman villains that people love because they’re so absurd. They’re dumb and weird, but people love them for that instead of getting mad at it.


Oops… Sorry, I don’t hate the actual Batman, I have heard Dark Knight is a very good movie. But what I do hate though, is LEGO’s obsession with Batman…

I still going to see the Movie you know, if it comes out

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Yeah, I know. I will watch it too, even though I m not really a fan of Batman. Because I need to watch every LEGO movie, weather is as good as The LEGO Movie, even if it’s not as good like the Ninjago Movie. It’s my responsibility to watch them… because I am a LEGO fan…

I dunno…
The first one was quite good, but I’m not sure how this one will turn out.


I’d say there are a few reasons why less effort was put into TLNM.

Also, don’t get me started on dumb villains. They’re the best.

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There is so much I don’t agree with in this statement.

One: The LEGO Batman is not actual Batman. He is a caricature of Batman.

Two: The reason everyone loves The LEGO Batman Movie (myself included) is because it is a very meta movie. It makes fun of everything about Batman. It’s also just fun.

Three: The LEGO Ninjago Movie isn’t that good because they tried to reinvent what made Ninjago good, and they failed. They needed to follow what the other LEGO movies did as well as the original Ninjago.


If you don’t feel like these (LEGO Batman) movies and sets aren’t for you then it’s fine. Just let other people enjoy it.


And what would those be? Just curious. If TLBM and TLM were so good, why Ninjago movie was the one which failed?

Because It was baaaaaaaad


As far as “Less effort” being put into Ninjago, its really not hard to see why. Batman and the overall LEGO brand are both massive cultural juggernauts. Ninjago, despite all of its success, is only one part of the massive LEGO library.

As such. You can’t blame Warner Bros. For not wanting to pour all of their time, money and talent into something that wasn’t guaranteed to be a hit.

Plus, with both TLM and TLBM, the cast and crew were approaching the projects with a lot of passion and history with Batman and LEGO. However with Ninjago, it was more of a “Oh yeah my kid loves Ninja-gos” Situation. They didn’t understand how to handle the property because they didn’t understand what makes it special and what makes it tick. After all, they didn’t grow up with Ninjago, and most of them didn’t have a part to play in making the original show.

It would be kinda like if I had you make a He-man or G.I Joe flick. You’ve probably heard about those franchises in passing, but you and most of your hypothetical crew would probably be pretty ignorant when handling a property that you don’t have that investment or attachment for.

As far as a second LEGO Batman movie is concerned, it gives me hope for the LEGO Movies going forward. I’d imagine this movie will only really be made if TLM 2 does well. The original LEGO Batman movie only barely touched on a lot of interesting characters and concepts that I’d love to see explored in a future film.


Plus warner bros owns cinematic rights to DC, so bias.


Writers, it had seven writers.

which is evident


Really, it’s their fault that Ninjago didn’t do well. I know it was supposed to be a kid’s movie, but it was to much “Father and Son relationship”, which was never really a thing in the actual Ninjago. If they made it more similar to the TV Show, I guarantee I would have performed better.

Also I feel like this whole movie was about Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker in a kid’s movie, those characters being just disguised as Lloyd and Garmadon…

So, I’d say that the directing was the problem. If for example Tony Anderson and the Hegemen brothers would have had a bigger role in this movie, It could have been as good as the other two movies.

I wouldn’t mind seeing a second LEGO Batman. I got pretty burnt out of watching it again and again (had to because of my previous job), but the first time or so it was great.

I like Ninjago movie as well honestly, and for not being all that into it I enjoyed that the style of humor from the other two movies was carried over, however a big flaw came from how childish some of the humor was compared to the other LEGO movies. For example, the flash of images during the Ultimate Weapon was very a very “random internet XD” moment. While I do like what the story focused on, it was definitely a bummer they underutilized the voice talents they had for the other four ninjas.

Yet, even with all the problems that TLNM had and perhaps the “exhaustion” of the self-aware humor people started to get with the movies, I think LEGO Batman 2 could make it refreshing again. Going to be interesting to see how LEGO Movie 2 handles it first.


Yeah, The LEGO Movie 2 is currently in works, and it might be even better then the first LEGO Movie, or it might be a failure. Only time will tell. But even if this movie doesn’t turn out good enough, it’s going to be a box office hit, that is for sure.

As for the Batman movie, as the first one was as good as it was, it’s going to get enough money at the box office, capitalizing on the success of the first film. So even if the movie itself will not be very good, it’s still going to win enough money to be worth the effort put into it.

But if The LEGO Movie 2 doesn’t do well enough, they might just scrap the entire project. Only time will tell, I guess.