Lego Batman Movie Joker

So, this is an amalgamation of the fact that I saw the Lego Batman Movie on Friday and the fact that I decided to try out my new set of art markers. Anyways, I drew this because I loved the Joker in the Lego Batman Movie! He was a great character, and I loved his design! So, let me know what you guys think. I might post more Lego Batman Movie art here in the future


That is pretty cool!

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Thanks man! I’m glad you like it!

I dunno man, the coattails seem a bit short.

(looks neat)

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Looks like what the lego joker would be in batman the animated series.

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I shortened them a bit to make them more realistic. A friend suggested I should to that. Anyways, they’re not as short as the first time I drew the Joker!

Harley your supposed to feed Joker, not starve him to death!
Though to be more serious I really like this, it’s a neat kinda idea. but he just feels to skinny.
I’m loving that face and hair though.

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Also his suit is amazing.

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Come to thnk of it, your right. Joker did say he was kinda flabby

@BBricks Thanks!

You nailed the face and hair, but the arms and legs are far too long and spindly. Also, try making the hands larger - he looks like he has baby hands!


Yeah, I had a problem with the hands, since I’m better at drawing more robotic, segmented hands, like on transformers. I still need some practice with organic hands.

Remimds me of Slenderman.

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