LEGO Battle Pods

Looks like LEGO is back at it again with Battle Pods, kind-of pocket-sized spherical containers that can hold a minifig and some accessories. These come in all varieties…

…such as Batman from the LEGO Batman Movie,

Clay, from Nexo Knights,

this hilariously re-titled “Ski Pod” from the Friends line,

and Kai from the LEGO Ninjago Movie.

What do you think about these? Gimmicky? Clever? Something that just exists?


They’re interesting for sure.

Basically my thoughts.

Are there any views of the outside? I want to see if there are connection points or not.

The old ones were better tho

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Is this how Pokemon live inside a Pokeball?

I’m more interested on the Ski Pod tbh.

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I like the idea, wish they still kept Bionicle going and dis something like this for G2.

They’re okay. Kind of interesting, but it’s really only for the minifigs.

Hey, just an idea.

The pods return! All hail the great xpod!

I think they are fine since you get alot of acessories you can use plus the “ski pod” has some nice colored skis and many of these parts ar great for mocing too so 6,5/10

They look nice!

It’s an interesting (Albeit gimmicky) concept and a nice way to get some Minifigures that may otherwise not be available at such an affordable price. However, I will forever be salty about the fact that LEGO refuses to release Clay’s molded sword in a set cheaper than $40.

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My thoughts?

It’s a wasteful minifig delivery system.

Seriously, the amount of plastic being used on the pods that could go to more parts is sad, and for what? A minifig and a handful of weapons.
Boo Lego, boo!

I haven’t seen any of these anywhere, I wonder where they’ll be available and such.

The Batman Battle Pod has appeared in the US TRU, I’ve seen a box filled with them about a month ago.


This Darth Vader Battle Pod promotion seems to be scraped since recent catalog doesn’t show him anywhere.

In other news, someone on reddit found 2 new Ninjago Battle Pods from Legoland: