Lego BIONICLE #8984 Glatorian Legends Stronius (2009)

As said before, I would do my Stronius review eventually, well here it is. Please take note, I want to try something to reduce possible spam. Rather then posting multiple topics for one review, post your review (Written, Video, and/or Photos) below if you have one.

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Cool review. I should be doing one anytime soon on my channel

Stronius is pretty cool. He should have had the skrall shield, and in my opinion, a tail. That’d be cool. I like the color scheme, maroon, black and grey. This some what reminded me of a brute chieftain from Halo(which I was getting into at the time), so I liked it.

Going to have to watch this later. Strakk review was 2pro4me

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Stromius must hope he doesn’t have to fight his canister in the arena. :stuck_out_tongue:
I realy enjoyyed this review. The Strak one was funnier but this was still great. :smiley: