Lego Bionicle Ad Game

i want you to pitch me an add for Lego Bionicle. it can be for toa, villains, titans, a wave, a year anything. this add can be you describing it, ruff outlines or even a video. I just want to see your best shot.

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Now in LEGO Bionicle: The Great Spirit Mata Nui has bad gas! His indigestion has caused the sentient carbon cloud Makuta to spread his wickedness across Metru Nui, putting Mata Nui into a coma! Command the Toa Nuva to defeat the vile chinese food fumes and save the universe!


Panning shot over dark, black mountains. The BIONICLE logo appears, superimposed on top.

NARRATOR: In the mountains of Bara Magna, trouble is brewing…

Cut to the BATERRA, who are destroying the landscape. A FIRE BATERRA incinerates shrubs. A SAND BATERRA stomps its foot, creating a massive crag. A ROCK BATERRA lifts a boulder and tosses it.

NARRATOR: Evil Baterra have appeared, and are spreading destruction everywhere they go.

The BATERRA stop their rampage, their attention drawn towards something off-camera, looking directly at the viewer. Cut to the six GLATORIAN CHAMPIONS entering the scene, standing off against the BATERRA.

NARRATOR: It is up to the Glatorian Champions to stop them.

The six GLATORIAN CHAMPIONS rush to action. MATA NUI bashes one with his COMBINATION SWORD-SHIELD.

NARRATOR: Mata Nui leads the fight!

ACKAR slices at another BATERRA with his LAVA SWORDS.

NARRATOR: Ackar heats things up!


NARRATOR: And Kiina strikes furiously!

The BATERRA lay defeated. The six GLATORIAN CHAMPIONS pose, victorious.

NARRATOR: Introducing new Glatorian Champions from Bionicle! Each set sold separately.

Just a little thought experiment into what a 2010 Winter wave of Bionicle sets would look like, assuming it stayed somewhat true to that treatment script Greg provided.


boy and girl play with tahu and gali in middle school lunchroom obviously early 2000s (silly bands on arms muffled smash mouth playing in the background old D.A.R.E. poster on the wall) and show the kids get older go thru metru mahri glatorian etc then show them older walking past g2 sets on store shelves with a baby stroller in tow, and buying baby stuff instead. then cut to kids a bit older and parents come home from work and get the kid a brand new g3 set and the parents are watching the kid play with it just like they used to


Camera pans over an undersea cliff. It then cuts to the Toa Mahri walking towards the edge.

Jaller: “Keep an eye out for Rahi, and the Ignika!”

The Toa stop suddenly, looking behind them. Several undersea enemies from 2007 are coming their way. They fire at them and miss, and are knocked off the cliff.

The camera then switches to a shot of the Barraki looking over the cliff.

Narrator: “Have the evil Barraki won?”

An ominous shadow falls over the Barraki. The camera turns just in time to see Hydraxon fire at them.

Scene switches to two kids playing with the 2007 sets.

Narrator: “Create your ending with the new undersea Bionicle sets! (Each figure sold separately).”

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