Lego Bionicle MOC: Boxoraus Rex || (a.k.a. The Hikaki Boxor)

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Hello fellow compatriots to yet another build! This time I have created the most powerful Boxor yet, it can walk, it can punch, and it can fire Kanoka disks as though it were breathing elemental blasts! But that is not all for the rider can even throw a spear. For as long as I could remember I have always had a keen fascination in the Bahrag. Yet not in the way you might think. Sure the bitting function was cool and them being bug dragons were awesome but I have always wished they could breathe fire. So I took it upon myself and created the closest thing to that with the projectiles of the current year that was 2002-03. Designing this was a little tricky as I couldn’t rely on the Kanoka rail gun design that I have made years before making this moc due to the innate feature of the jaw mechanism. But I am very satisfied with the end result for the firing feature as it is easy to reload and fire. And honestly I might just make more Kanoka weapons as it is not as easy to lose a disk verse a tiny stud from a stud launcher. The spear throwing mechanism as well can be easily activated while the rider is on the back of the creature or on the ground thanks to how secure the little guy is. Not only that but he can also throw a disk without any hinderance while on the creature. So in a way from that perspective you got yourself three ways to attack your enemies from a distance before stomping your Boxoraus Rex closer to pummel them into the ground. So in summary, this thing is really fun and I might make a whole army of them. It is honestly something that I wish we got in the earlier years. Well I am your host Tributron and I will see you next week with another moc! Happy Building and Play Well!


ah welcome back buckaroo!
this looks really cool, fits in great with the other 01 rahi
nice job!


Its good to be back, and I am glad you like the build!


Aw yeah now this is a really well-built moc. The functions are awesome and I like the patchwork design - it fits with the Boxor’s origin. Very nice job!


That is very satisfying to hear, I might have to do more multi-functional builds now haha. I tried my best to reflect the years 2002-03 with the build so I am glad the design language bled through as intended.


Hey, it’s nice seeing you back on this site! It’s been quite a while

I always enjoy seeing the amazing functions you come up with for your MOCs in action. It’s impressive how much playability you’ve been able to pack into such a relatively small build while still managing to make it look nice. It really does seem like every part here serves some purpose and is integral to the build and isn’t just for aesthetics


It is good to be back, and it is funny you mention about the part usage because every part in this build serves for the stability, functionality, and aesthetic simultaneously lol. I mainly did it to keep it a low part count as to make it feel more believable as something you would see in 2002-03. I’ll be making some instructions as well in the near future so be sure to stay tuned!