Lego Bionicle MOC Review: Rahaga Gaaki


Surprisingly accurate, good job! We really need more movie adaptions.


Yeah, this is the first movie version Rahaga moc I’ve seen. Nice job.
My only critique would be that only the arms ate dark blue, either removing them or adding more dark blue would improve the colors.


Thank you, and it flies too. can’t exactly have the video be displayed the way i want to due to the system TTV has.

But ill keep that noted for the others i do

This is very impressive and has a striking resemblance to the character model!

Well done!

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An excellent fusion of system and technic, and you managed to squeeze in making it actually fly, which is even more impressive.

Now this is absolutely fantastic. Great detailing and motor function.

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Thank you very much

This is amazing! Though I think armouring the legs would be an improvment.

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I like this one. Good pictures and a pretty creative build overall.


Excellent job. Love the function!

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Thank you, im really glad you like the moc