Lego Bionicle Polybag MOC Contest!

I’ve never started a contest, so why not?

Your challenge is to create a polybag that Lego could release as a promotion under the Bionicle theme.

There are a few guidelines/criteria:

  • The MOC cannot contain any more than 30 pieces
  • I will not permit illegal techniques (I have no issue with them personally, but I think it’s necessary given the nature of the contest, sorry)
  • No modified pieces (cut, custom, etc. However, painted parts are allowed)
  • It doesn’t need to be one MOC, you are allowed to make several builds that would still be treated as one
  • The MOC must primarily consist of CCBS and/or Technic (use of system is allowed, but please keep it minimal)

I think that’s it. Also, you will be judged on build, colors, and creativity.

Have fun!

You will have until July 8th to enter (the end of next week). When that has passed, I will judge.
































I may as well add this here, too. There are no prizes. If you want a deeper explanation, look in my second post on the topic.


I might enter not sure yet, but what’s the prize?

I’ll join.

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I will be honest, this is something I want to see done more for fun than anything. As it stands, this is more of a test to see what you can do with similar limitations to what a Lego designer would have when creating a polybag, sorry :frowning:

I’m not confident enough in my drawing or MOCing abilities to offer something, in fear of someone not feeling satisfied with what they won.


I’m happy to do it just for fun


Thanks :slight_smile:

I’ve definitely entered multiple contests here not knowing nor caring about a prize :stuck_out_tongue:

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Can it be something you’ve already made?

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I’ll join

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As long as it follows the criteria given, yes.

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Here’s my entry:


Do those hand things count as illegal?
Also, nice one, @JoeScibelli.

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I don’t think so?

No, since the areas in which a pin would enter are shaped almost identically to a standard “tube” (like a 1x1 cylinder).

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I might do this

I’m pretty sure it’s actually the same diameter as a stud and studs fit perfectly around minifigure hands (Even lego dose that)
But I might be wrong


I may participate. (You know, there is one moc I already have that might qualify…)

l’ll do it.

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However, lego does not remove minifigure hands

Oh okay (Am I disqualified @Joe?)

I’m in.

It’s return of the Polybag King himself; Lord Good Guy

Inb4 ten other people use my completely uninspired idea