Lego Bionicle Toa Tahu


Hello everyone! i was messing with my Tahu MOC to see what poses it could do and i found that you can do a lot of dynamic poses with this guy. If this is the first time you have seen this MOC well let me inform you that this creation has full range of articulation from the toes upwards while still having a gear function implemented into the figure. if you think the gear function looks bad on it then hey you are entitled to your opinion i just like to play with my figures besides posing and stop motion.

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Pretty good Tahu moc.The torso looks too skeletal.



That emulated the original set soo I think it looks fine.


The complex build looks great and the many points of articulation amazes me

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@1000Purse30 Thanks! I have been working on this MOC for quite a while, I have a YouTube channel dedicated to these MOCs as well

@LTVmocs thank you for understanding, I was aiming towards the sculpted detail on the original toy while keeping both arms symetrical and not asymetrical

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Nice job. Is a little gappy in the chest area tho.

Can I add this into the movie? That last picture with the lighting looks awesome :smiley:

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@Levva so was the gen 1 tahu from 2001, it had visible gears and several gaps in the molding of the plastic which i have replicated

@JoeSmith Sure thing! Be sure to give some credit though :wink: does this make me a film coordinator now :smile:

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Holhii Kolhii that looks amazing. Unfortunately it doesn’t make it into my official Holhii Kolhii awards but it does look very nice. >:]

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Why thank you :smile: what would make this figure win the Kohli match :sweat_smile:

Filling in some gaps and give him something original you think would fit with Tahu that was never present in his set forms. Lots of creativity and something outstanding in the community is needed in the Holhii Kolhii awards.

Don’t get me wrong.
This is quite good.

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Thank you for the advice, I was asking because I always want to seek perfection. I will see what I can come up with that is very original

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This thing looks really messy, and gappy, and has a few bits of grey that feel out of place.
But I can’t hep but like it.
It really manages to capture the silhouette and feel of Toa Mata Tahu.
So al though I do recommend practicing with making armor flow better, and filling in gaps, I give you a thumbs up.
You made a pretty coolio MOC.

Thanks! And I added the grey for a mechanical feel so that it’s not all orange in the limbs and torso. Even the gen 1 Tahu from 2001 had grey Gears so I figured it would fit the color scheme to spread the grey throughout and sparingly

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This is one of the best Tahu Mocs I’ve ever seen

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Thanks! I have the other five waiting for pictures to be taken so stay tuned for more :wink:

I feel like this should get a moc spotlight because of how unique it is. Trying to go for a larger scale greebly set accurate moc is really cool. In some places, it may not work (too skeletal), but overall it’s nice

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Thank you :slight_smile: it would be interesting to see it on the MOC spotlight, what areas seem gribly to you? For the most part it replicates the gribly-ness in the molding of the plastic in the original set