Lego Brawls

So this is a thing now


Spiritual successor to Lego Battles maybe. Have played the mobile version (I think?) and it was a fine enough turn based squad battle thing with a nice cross section of ranges.

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No, you are talking about LEGO Legacy.

LEGO Brawls used to be a Apple Arcade excluisive party fighting game similar to super smash bros


is it me or am I only one hyped for this game? was on apple arcade and now it’s coming too the Switch, as a Lego fan I’m hype but that’s just me of Coase

Oh sorry, I was unsure hence the (?)

I like the not Monkie Kid figure on the left holding the staff and everything but legally distinct despite lego owning the rights

I played it once, kinda hard to play on mobile though

I only became aware of this because it was featured on the Ninjago section of Lego Con. I have never heard anybody talking about this.

This appears to be something that exists


it became relevant again recently because it’s coming to consoles and pc

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I’d never heard of this until recently. The character customisation - and it’s subsequent impact on the gameplay - will be what makes or breaks it as a game.

Super weird that Jurassic World is the only licenced franchise to show up, though. Like, is there anyone who actually wants to be Owen Grady in a brawler game when you could be… like, the Green Ninja, or an Alien Guitarist, or a Fairy Samurai, or something?

you saying that wants me to do it for the Lols, but other then that I would very much go with the Blacktron Bounty Hunter as my Main Fig