LEGO Castle Complete Timeline (Theory)

Credit to @darkbrick999. Check out his Space Timeline topic if you haven’t already.

I saw @darkbrick999’s LEGO Space timeline topic, and I decided to make my own, this time with LEGO Castle.

  1. The Original Concept
    The classic simple Castle sets, which are historically accurate, start the story, with everybody living in peace
  2. Battle Begins
    The Kingdom is attacked by various knights from other kingdoms.
  3. Villains become stronger
    New threads arrive: Fright Knights
  4. Knight’s Kingdom 1
    The Fright Knights and Witches are defeated, a new era for LEGO Castle starts: Knight’s Kingdom 1
    King Leo is the new King, and under his rule other Kings try to conquer his kingdom, but they don’t succeed.
  5. Knight’s Kingdom 2
    After King Leo dies, his son Mathias becomes king. But a new thread arrives: Lord Vladek.
    So King Mathias names 4 brave knights to defend the Kingdom of Morcia: Jayko, Rascus, Santis and Danju.
    They defeated together Lord Vladek, and King Mathias crowns Jayko as the new king.
    But after a while, Vladek returns to try conquer Morcia again, So Jayko names 2 more brave knights to defend the Kingdom of Morcia: Sir Adric and Sir Kentis. Together, they defeat Valdek again, a new era beginning.
  6. Fantasy Era
    After centuries of peace, the Kingdom is attacked by new forces: The Skeletons.
    The Skeletons are defeated, and the Trolls are now the new thread. With the help of the Dwarfs, the trolls are defeated too. Another time of peace comes.
  7. The Dragon Knights
    The Dragon Knights attack the Kingdom and kidnap the Princess. It’s up to a brave knight to save her.
    2013 arrives, and the story pretty much repeats herself, except now a Dragon and his Wizard control the Dragon Army.
  8. Modern Era: Nexo Knights
    After more centuries, our old kingdom starts to modernize, taking the Name of Knighton. King Halbert is the new King. He has a loyal royal wizard: Merlok.
    Unfortunately, Jestro has stolen the Book of Monsters and now he and Monstrox want to take over Knighton. A new generation of heroes arrive: Clay, a boring farm boy, Macy, King Halbert’s warrior daughter, Aaron, which is Lewa in minifigure form, and Axl, a hungry giant. Together they fight and turn Jestro back good, but Monstrox is now free, in the form of a Cloud. More conflicts come, Jestro is turned back good again, and Monstrox has a new form, now as Tech Wizard. Finally Monstrox is finally defeated, this time for good. And this is the end of our story. All those knights have fought bravely and the Kingdom is finally safe again, leaving space for more generations to come.

And Unfortunately Nexo Knights is probably the last we will see of LEGO Castle for a long time now. Keep in mind that this timeline is not cannon, I just took the stories of all Castle themes and combined them in a timeline. I hope LEGO brings Castle again at some point, so this story can continue!



Why is this needed?


Is there any reason why to not make it? I just did it for fun.


lego castle has some deep and interesting lore


Well you did forget about the BIG plotholes in your’s and darkbrick999’s theory that is if Knights Kingdom I is a prequel to Knights Kingdom II so what happened to King Leo’s daughter, Princess Storm who is also a knight, too. Plus I don’t that Nexo Knights isn’t part of the Castle theme because it’s a combined both Castle and Space themes together with little bit of Chima/Ninjago in there too, and lastly where’s Ninja Theme of the late 1990’s?

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Although it’s officially a subtheme of Castle, I think it relates more with Ninjago rather then Castle. It is probably cannon to Castle, if we think as Castle taking place in Europe and Ninja in Japan. But other then that, I can’t establish a solid connection between Castle and Ninja. After all, they take place in completely different continents! (We don’t even know how big the LEGO Universe truly is…)

I’m flattered, thank you!

One change I would make is to role the dragon knight faction into the Fright-Knights era, or even before it, since the dragons in Kingdoms seem to be utilized less than in other themes, where the dragons are used for transportation, and even armored up for battle.

Also, fun fact: Vladek is the ancestor of Ogel from Alpha Team.

@Spiderus_Prime Which plot holes in particular?

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I love those connections between original LEGO themes…
Others like this might include the Ultra Agents Villains Toxikita and Invisble, which are part of the elemental masters in Ninjago. It was quite interesting to see the bad guys from a theme become good in another!

Also, is there any way I can find out more about the Knight’s Kingdom lore? It also had novels and comics, similar to Bionicle, but I can’t get my hands on them… (I have not even managed to get a single Bionicle book yet)…

The best I can offer you is to read through Brikipedea. I haven’t been able to find the books either.

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I’d suggest watching the Knights Kingdom Lego Rewind episode by Nick On Planet Ripple.

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I watched that video the very day it got uploaded :sweat_smile: but thank you anyway.

Brickipedia: the site of red links

No he isn’t

Nice timeline, it even inspires me to dig up my old notes to try to make my own timeline of all the Castle themes! In fact you might see some surprises in the order :wink:

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