LEGO Castle Topic

Castle, one of LEGO’s most well known, yet underrated Evergreen Themes. From Dragons carrying witches in a Hot Air Balloon Basket to Ninjas and Samurais, this fantastic theme and its subthemes have had hundreds of fascinating, sometimes strange sets.

As of late, it has sticked to the generic Medieval Knights fighting stuff, but with the introduction of Nexo Knights, we are kind of coming back to that era of funky, yet intriguing sets.

What is your favorite Castle subtheme? Is it really the unloved child of the Evergreen Themes?


Anyone remember that Dwarfen Fortress with that cool ad?
I need to find that commercial. I remember seeing a movable cart on the ceiling that transported gold.


I wanted that SO bad as a kid.

I like the castle that was around back in '08. I never got any of the sets, but my friends did, and it was really awesome. :relieved: Yeah.

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I actually got the 2007 dwarf fortress.
The gate was great and the mountains pieces were cool. Still have the giant troll. Rest is in pieces.

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I remember as a kid getting the 2008 Wizard Castle that was shaped like a skull and everything. It had a dragon and captured princess, as well. It also came with a knight on a horse.

I inherited the very first castle Lego released from my dad. So I have a few memories of the original from the 70s and 80s

I always longed for this set…

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One of the first sets I got was the re-release of the Guarded Inn, with the four “standard face” figures and some Black Falcon/Crusader crests.

Also got some Knights’ Kingdom II and Fantasy Era Castle sets back in the day.

Probably somewhat due to nostalgia I have a soft spot for KKII.

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Castle is probably my favorite System theme. I have a huge castle in my room cobbled together from various sets I collected from ~2004 to ~2009, so KK2 through…whatever they had going in 09. XD

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paging @Nyran

The only Castle sets I ever got were Knights Kingdom. I got a little catapult with Danju, and it came with Vladek on a horse.
I also got a few of the constractions woo

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I really enjoyed the 2010 Kingdoms line up, particularly the Dragon knights. My collection of them is the nearest thing to army building that I’ve done with lego.
Yeah, I know. Not exactly huge, but still. They were enough to populate the grey baseplate sized keep that I was working on at the time.


I notice you gave the normally black bearded Dragon Wizard a white beard.

There are a couple reasons as to why the beard is a different color and mold.

The main one is that he’s just a reconstruction of the Dragon Knights wizard; not the original figure. I just couldn’t find the black beard.

In story, he’s a different wizard altogether. The black bearded wizard is higher up in the hierarchy of the Dragon Kingdom, whereas this one is just a veteran battlemage assigned to help protect a frontier fortress.

Pretty sure he used the same mold, IIRC

Wait, nevermind, that’s the Red Dragon Wizard from the next Castle line that uses the black Wu beard

Will castle ever return with nexo knights taking its place?
(I loved the old style sets.)

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While with Nexo Knights ending, will LEGO ever bring back the new LEGO Castle series, I really hope that give the bad knights their own king along with the evil wizard, and the good knights with a good wizards, & more female characters rather than just the good princess like a good queen, good sorceress, evil queen, evil princess, & evil witch.

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yes we need a new one with orcs and other monsters. as for more females I am fine with that (really want a female elf archer hero). is it just me or has anyone else thought of the idea of a" The Lego Castle Movie".I might actually start a topic regarding the communities ideas on the concept and overall thoughts.