Lego City Mafia II: Blacktron Boogaloo

I’m honestly not sure who to vote for at this point.

@Chronicler when does voting end?

Hope this halps.



So about 5 1/2hours

Galidor Fans

Can’t trust 'em

I’m voting @Willess12


… could we triple kill?

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I would ask what you’re thought process is, but I already know there’s no point in asking…


Witness the value of experience


I’m going to agree with what Willess12 said and vote for whaddon.


Now who do I vote for for the double kill…

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Huh, must’ve missed that.

Anyways, I’m going to vote @Whaddon as well. There’s no reason you would need a weapon when searching a tomb. Jayzor obviously needs one if he’s fighting robots, and Willess might have one in his Galidor collection.

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Wait, galidor is Canadian… Why would the collection have a gun? I vote @Willess12

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we all have a reason to carry a gun

Willess to protect his collection from thieves (Galidor can be a rare thing)

Jayzor to fight off evil

And me? Who knows what undead spirits could be hidden inside that tomb? I have to fend myself from stuff like that

I am a treasure hunter, I wouldn’t murder someone without proper reason. I understand why y’all believe I did though, the concept of me burying to body inside the tomb could be reasonable, but the body was found easily, so no burial was done.

I shall still be sticking with Jayzor, as he has the best vantage point in my opinion. But I have another good reason, Jayzor is a protector, and David’s a criminal, he escaped prison and thus Jayzor stopped him, all in the act of justice, or he done it on his own accord, as a Blackwatch Loyalist.

Willess12: 1 Ghid
Jayzor: 3 Whaddon, Mockingbird, Holi
Whaddon: 3 Willess, Tuaro, Omeag_Tuah

I want this IRL now.

I’m not positive on Whaddon, and have some thoughts on Jayzer, but I don’t really want a double kill so I’ll stick with Whad.

Protectors are from that HF ripoff called Bonkle, leave constraction out of this.

The big issue with this that the mafia don’t need a reason to kill the innocent. They do it purely to win, not to fulfill grudges.

Imo it seems like Whaddon would be least likely to have a Laser gun. After all the Adventurers theme was pretty realistic and had pistols if I remember correctly, not lasers.

Hmm, going by the story, I think Willess is probably in the clear, he was in his house, so he would have had to snipe him through a window, which is harder than just shooting him, also he had two holes, so if he were just sniping him he really would not have had to panic and shoot him twice, one would have done it. As far as Whaddon and Jayzor go, they both are about the same suspicion in my eyes. I guess just to keep things even I’ll vote Jayzor, so we can go for a double kill. If any one has any better ideas, put em out there.

… someone say double kill? I change my vote to jayzor

Yes. We didn’t have enough double kills last game of mafia. I’m all in for the double kill.

Those make the game go way too fast to be fair.


Lol I know. I was kidding.

I will vote for @Whaddon, for Johnny Thunder is a crack shot with a gun, and I’m sure he could transfer his skills to laser weapons.

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