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LEGO Creator is one of TLG's weirdest themes. There are dinosaurs, giant dogs and cats, buildings that aren't to scale with minifigures, buildings that are to scale with minifigures, giant cars, small cars, giant robots, dragons, and a surprising amount of beach houses*.

Here are the 2017 winter wave Creator pics if you haven't seen them already:

31056: Green Cruiser

31057: Air Blazer

31058: Mighty Dinosaurs

31059: Sunset Street Bike

31060: Airshow Aces

31063: Beachside Vacation

31065: Park Street Townhouse

So what are your favorite Creator sets? Anyone hyped for the new sets coming out next year?

*LEGO can release four beach houses in nine years but they can't make another Cloud City?


They're so strange.

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One of my favorite themes. In modern years this theme has had some fantastic models for the price you pay like Park Animals and the recent camper van. The best creator model imo is 4507 Prehistoric Creatures simply because of that beautiful t-rex on the box.


I like this theme because you can build a lot of alternate models. It's great.


Man, Creator is great, first one I got was that one green train back in 08 I think

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My favorite Lego set :heart_eyes:.


That's no Robot...
It's a Robobot

I always wanted one of those creator pods things


I actually discovered the set name a month ago :stuck_out_tongue:.

But really, it's not just a Robobot, it's 49 Robobots!


This guy
This was the one I wanted for a long time


Never really cared for Creator

It just felt sorta boring to me

But you get 3 times the things to build than a normal set

Yeah but they're always just generic models

I like the alternate models they used to show on old System boxes and such, but that's because they were usually from themes I liked.

I'm not big on City at all, and the only other thing they produce actively is animals.

But joe
Where else can you get a plane, car , AND robit in the same set?
and if you mention some obscure exo force set I will strangle you

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when have they ever included a robot in combination with those other two things?

Only one or two sets like that come to mind out of the dozens upon dozens they have for that theme.

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Got it for my birthday a few years ago
its a good set


that's one of so many sets though

I kinda wish they'd do older Castle/Space themed stuff. That's the kind of thing I'd buy the crap out of.


I loved creator as a kid, I got one of the green and white cars, and the Fiery legend...

good times.

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Some of the sets do look pretty interesting, though.

Wow Gali really let herself go.


You body shaming bro?