LEGO Disney Vignettes: Peter Pan and a Disney Battle Royale

Using the suggestions from my previous set of vignettes, I’m “proud” to present the next two in the line.

As suggested by @Chronicler, here’s a Peter Pan inspired scene of the titular character brawling with Captain Hook on a wrecked ship.

It’s not a scene form the movie, but eh, I think it gets its point across.

Next up is a small battle among three Disney Licenses on the Death Star:

I’m not too proud of this one in particular, since it takes place in the hangar instead of a more Death Starish environment.

Criticism is welcomed, since these are not perfect. Far from it actually.

Recommendations for future Disney CMF vignettes would also be cool.


10/10 best sword fight with Cap’n Hook and Peter Pan.


Mickey wins the Fight
#no body can escape the clutches of the Mouse


Not even Lucasfilm. RIP.


also Plural
I really want so see a Scene from Incredibles

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Better than Civil War


Just wait disney WILL make this into a movie.


I wanna see Genie in the Cave of Wonders. You have enough gold pieces, right?



I’m gonna have to check

Nice, seeing the fight between Disneys three liscences just looks both really funny and really awesome.

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I want to see Stich escaping from…that place he escapes from (It’s been a while since I’ve seen that movie)

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I feel this sort of style would work well for the climactic clash in Civil War… as per the Civil War comics (or movie)


Quite good!

Love both of these. Incredibles should be next.

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it was all good

but then I took a second look at the second one

that’s amazing

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Wow, these are some really nice build! I really like the build of both of these and how they portray their settings very well.

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I remember watching Peter Pan a ton as a kid. so the first one is kewl. But that last one is great. XP



It’s good, although the Death Star battle’s missing a bit of Pixar. Maybe the deserted suit of a LGA, or Woody’s hat, would be good?

Also, the Peter Pan one; it’s possible to have made an actual ship of Hook’s, correct?

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Holy geez I forgot about pixar

I’ll go back and see what I can add. :wink:[quote=“Mistah_Grammaticul, post:18, topic:23465”]
Also, the Peter Pan one; it’s possible to have made an actual ship of Hook’s, correct?

It was possible, but I kinda wanted to work with something a bit different.

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